Respite Nursing

Here at Consultus, we understand that caring for a family member or loved one on a full-time basis can take its toll on you. That is why we provide respite services so that you can take a break while having complete peace of mind that the everyday needs of your family member are being taken care of by a qualified nurse.

Live-in nursing offers a comprehensive solution for primary caregivers who need extended relief from their caregiving duties. This type of care is particularly beneficial when continuous support and monitoring are required, especially for individuals with serious health conditions or those who need constant assistance.

How Live-In Nursing Respite Works

With live-in respite care, one of our trained nurses will move into the home of the person needing care. This arrangement ensures that the individual receives 24-hour support, tailored to their specific medical and personal needs. Our live-in nurses are equipped to handle a wide range of responsibilities, including medication management, assistance with daily living activities, and provision of medical care, depending on their qualifications.

Respite placements can be either short term or long term, depending on your needs, and can be arranged throughout the year. We always strive to provide continuity of care by arranging for the same live-in nurse to provide cover.