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Peter Seldon, CEO of Consultus Care and Nursing, giving an interview

A better alternative to care homes

"We provide a much better alternative to the common option of a care home institution: staying in the comfort and familiarity of your own home! Like the many thousands of our clients over the past sixty two years, you can receive the care you need whilst maintaining your existing lifestyle.”

Peter Seldon

CEO, Consultus Care & Nursing

Complete peace of mind

If you are concerned for the health and wellbeing of your mother or father, or both of them, and are trying to find the best care option for them, we are here to help. 

If you are a spouse that is caring for your loved-one at home, we are here to help. 

If your loved-one has recently been discharged from hospital or is in any case in need of care and rehabilitation, we are here to help. 

If you are in a difficult & worrying situation, and urgently need help, we can provide care & peace of mind very quickly.

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FREE Consultation

We have highly experienced Triage Consultants available on the telephone, who thoroughly understand the three different care services available. They can advise and help you. 

This consultation is completely free of charge and provided without obligation.

What does Consultus Care and Nursing do?

Consultus Care and Nursing deliver exceptional live-in care and live-in nursing services, reassurance and support. Our specialist live-in carers and live-in nurses are on-hand, in your home, 24/7. 

Consultus Care & Nursing has been established for over 60 years, and is a family-run provider of outstanding live-in carers and live-in nurses, offering 24-hour, personalised, private live-in care and live-in nursing, in your own home. We cover locations throughout the UK, meaning that wherever you are, we can provide live-in care and live-in nursing for you. 

Since our family-led firm was established in 1962, we have stayed true to the vision of our founder, the late Mrs Anne Stevens, who knew that people feel better at home. 

Our live-in carers and live-in nurses ensure hundreds of elderly and vulnerable people remain happy and secure in their own homes, among their cherished belongings and memories.

Why Consultus Care & Nursing?


Our reputation is unrivalled. 93% of clients say they would recommend us, and many already have! We are simply the best live-in care provider in the UK for the following reasons:


Consultus continues to be family-owned and family run. We are the largest, wholly family-owned live-in care provider in the United Kingdom.


Our heritage stretches back over 60 years, when Anne Stevens started Consultus in 1962. We passionately follow her vision and conviction that 'people feel better at home'.


We remain true to our founder's vision and mission. It is why we do what we do. We see every day the difference we and our carers make to people's lives.


All our carers are trained at our multiple award-winning training centre which is a Skills for Care Centre of Excellence.


We have the most caring, bright and hard-working people, many of whom have been with us for many years, who regularly go above and beyond for our clients and carers.

Choice of Services

No other live-in care provider offers the choice of service that Consultus does. We offer three distinct services, and will help guide you to the best one for you, depending on the needs of the client.

Quality of Care

Our clients come first and the standards of care they receive is at the highest level.

Live-in Care Vs Care Institutions

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Hear about Consultus and the difference our care makes:

What our clients say about Consultus

These are just SOME of the messages and feedback we received from clients over a period of one month. We have thousands of similar messages and letters from clients' families going back many years.


Thanks a million for all your help over the past year and a half. You organised, with great care, a team of wonderful carers to support my father to care for my Mother. It was so reassuring knowing we were sent such special carers and it definitely made my life so much easier. I could be a daughter rather than a carer.


I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and everyone at Consultus for supporting our mother Mary over the past three years. Your service has been absolutely exemplary. Every carer you have sent us has been compassionate, kind, knowledgable - simply outstanding. Thank you Jane for listening so kindly to Oliver and I, and going out of your way to enable us support Mary in the way we all wanted.


Consultus is a great organisation and has been brilliant at organising all the Carers to look after my father. With their care and attention he made it to 102 years old - a very good innings! He couldn’t have managed that without them!


Please thank all of the team on our behalf, we’re particularly grateful to the back office crew for making sure Dad had a consistent team, and for reacting when he needed to double up. In all our experience of care, firstly with my mother, then Dad and now my aunt Judy, Consultus have been, by some distance, the best.


I just thought I would let you know how very satisfied we were with all the carers provided by Consultus. So thank you to all for their wonderful care, enabling my mum to stay in her beloved home, which she didn’t want to leave, and, as it turned out, never had to.


Our carers have been so calm and caring, immensely kind and patient and have such a gentle and wise approach to each new situation that arises. They provide beautifully nutritious and attractive meals and have been instrumental in facilitating my parents eating regularly and thereby improving their well-being. I am so grateful.



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Consultus offers a unique choice of three services

Live-in Care | Fully Managed Service

Consultus Managed Live-in Care Icon

This is our CQC regulated, fully-managed service, established as an alternative to the Introductory Service option.

All the advantages of the Introductory Service are very much present, together with the additional advice & support from a Consultus Local Consultant, who will manage all elements of the care service, thus relieving the client, their family or representative, from such responsibilities.

Live-in Care | Introductory Service

Consultus Introductory Live-in Care Icon

This is our longest-established service, offering the most cost-effective live-in care option to clients who have a family member or relative nearby.

Consultus introduce our agency carers to clients and continually liaise closely with the client or client’s representative to arrange bookings and ensure that the expectations of the carer, client and client’s family or representative are met.

Live-in Nursing Service

Consultus Live=in Care Icon

Our live-in nurses are trained and experienced in dealing with specific health conditions and are assigned based on their particular areas of expertise. Our Nurse Coordinators carefully match our live-in nurses with our clients to ensure a good relationship with the client is fostered from an early stage.

With the continuous monitoring that comes with one-on-one nursing, it is always reassuring for the entire family to know that a skilled and professional live-in nurse is there when needed. If you or a relative have any serious health concerns or have had a terminal diagnosis, a live-in nurse may be the best solution for everyone involved.

Anne Stevens - our founder and visionary

Anne started Consultus in 1962.

She is the reason why we do what we do.

Consultus continues to be family-owned and family-run.

We have a strong, caring, family ethos and approach to looking after our clients in their own homes.

We have Anne Stevens to thank.

Just some of our awards and accreditations 

Peter Seldon, CEO of Consultus Care and Nursing, being interviewed about the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Sky News

Consultus is known as the leading live-in care provider in the UK. 

We are often asked to appear on television and radio, as industry experts, to discuss important issues facing the care sector.

Whenever there are issues facing the care sector more generally, or Government policy news, with our expertise and experience, our opinion and advice are sought after by the media.

Here, our CEO, Peter Seldon, appears on Sky News during the Covid pandemic. 

Our Consultus Carers


Ensuring our carers are the very best carers for our clients is our highest priority. Over many years we have grown and developed our own, in-house, award-winning, training centre.

Our training centre has the Centre of Excellence Award from Skills for Care: the national training body with the remit to set care training curricula in the UK.

We are the only care company, as distinct from educational institutions, to receive this award in the UK.

All our carers are trained at our multiple award-winning training centre which is also accredited by the diploma-awarding body: Pearson Edexcel.

Any individuals who do not pass their in-house training with us, will not be placed with our clients.

The Consultus Care Training Centre is committed to providing the highest quality carer training. Our expert team of trainers have all worked in the care and nursing profession and we use our wealth of knowledge and experience to provide carers with valuable insight into caring; building their confidence, skills and knowledge as they train in new areas.

Our care training courses include an induction course for new carers, annual update training and a wide range of virtual and e-learning courses. We are also a Pearson-accredited centre approved to offer the nationally recognised Level 2 Diploma in Care and the Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care.

Lisa, Consultus Trainer, giving a demonstration to carers in training

Funding Live-in Care and Nursing

We understand that any kind of private care service is expensive. We cannot provide financial advice but we can pass on some guidance as to how many of our clients fund their care.

Is Live-In Care more expensive than a care home?

You may be surprised that the cost of private live-in care can compare favourably to some care homes. Our costs are transparent and your individual needs are discussed in detail with our dedicated Triage Consultants. Consultus doesn’t have any hidden costs.

Our services are especially cost-effective for couples who need assistance, and live-in care means you get to stay together. We are always greatly saddened to hear about couples who are separated at times when they need each other more than ever.

Consultus want you to live the life you wish for, in your own home, with your loved-ones at your side.

How can I fund my parents' live-in care without selling their property and moving them into a care home?

There are many other options than selling property. Please read the report below by the Live-In Care Hub, of which Consultus Care and Nursing are a founding member.

If you would like more information, please call us on 01732 355231

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