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With Consultus Care & Nursing, you or your loved one can remain in their own home with the reassurance of a specialist live-in carer or nurse on hand 24/7.

Consultus Care & Nursing agency is a long-established, family-run, provider of live-in carers and nurses offering 24-hour, personalised, private live-in care and live-in nursing in your own home. Whether you or a member of your family wish to continue living independently at home, Consultus can provide this service with the reassurance of a specialist carer or nurse on hand 24/7. We cover a wide variety of locations across the UK, meaning that wherever you are, we can provide care for you.

Since our family-led firm was established in 1962, we have stayed true to the vision of our founder, the late Mrs Anne Stevens, who knew that people feel better at home. Live-in carers and live-in nurses ensure hundreds of elderly and vulnerable people remain happy and secure among their belongings and memories in their cherished home.

Here are just a few of the benefits of live-in care:

  • Staying in the familiarity of your own home and surroundings with all its memories
  • Keeping your pets and possessions
  • Keeping your own home which usually appreciates over time
  • The reassurance of familiar routines
  • Retaining your social life and interests

With our dedicated, one-to-one, private care, we’ll help you to regain your independence and autonomy in ways other care options just can’t match.

About live-in carers and nurses

We introduce fully-trained, qualified and hand-picked live-in carers and nurses, who will provide the expert care and support you or your relative needs to remain safely at home. You can have peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that a private carer or nurse is on hand at all times.

Live-in carers will support you to remain independent by looking after your care needs, such as washing and dressing, and providing daily help with shopping and cooking. The benefits of having a live-in carer are priceless, not just for the person in need of care but the entire family. Round-the-clock, live-in care means you'll receive your carers undivided attention, and if the client’s needs increase, we can recommend our live-in nursing service. Both live-in care and live-in nursing work closely together to determine the best needs for you or your family.

Live-in care gives you freedom to choose

Consultus Care & Nursing will find you a live-in carer or nurse to match your or your relative’s needs. All you need to provide for your carer or nurse is a room in your home where they can sleep and rest in private.

As our CEO, Peter Seldon, says: “We deliver an outstanding live-in care service, which not only provides our clients with the relief, assistance and peace of mind that they need, but also provides their families and friends with the highest levels of reassurance and support.”

Consultus live-in care and nursing gives you the freedom to choose. With enhanced independence, the tranquility of a home you love, and no need to consign personal possessions, daily habits of personal pleasure to history, you’ll find life more enjoyable with a live-in carer or nurse.

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