Parkinson's Nursing at Home

Supporting those living with Parkinson’s at home

Being diagnosed with Parkinson's can be overwhelming for you and your loved ones. Those living with Parkinson's will likely want to stay within the comfort of their own home, to maintain independence and familiarity for as long as possible. We provide live-in nurses with the experience and knowledge to support your loved one at home. 

Our live-in nurses provide 24/7 care to those with Parkinson's in an environment that feels safe, warm and comforting to the client. Our nurses seek to promote the best quality of life, with the reassurance that a trained and experienced nurse is close by in times of need.

Our nurses can make referrals to speech and language therapists or physiotherapists if required, so you can be confident that constant monitoring and the best care is on hand 24/7. Feeling in control of life is important to all of us and a live-in nurse is there to help you get the very best out of each day.