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24 Hour Live In Care In The Hampshire Area

Here at Consultus, we understand that your elderly relatives or loved ones in Hampshire and the surrounding areas may require round the clock care but would also prefer to remain living in their own homes, rather than moving to a care home. Fortunately, Consultus carers and nurses are able to provide 24/7 Live-in Care for you or your loved one, across our Introductory and Managed Care Service in the Hampshire area.

Our Live-in Carers can assist with bathing, dressing and toileting, or helping with shopping and chores around the house. Consultus are also able to organise healthcare visits on the care receiver’s behalf, liaising with other healthcare professionals.

The southern county of Hampshire, which lies on the south coast, is home to the well-known city of Winchester and larger towns of Southampton and Portsmouth. In Hampshire, one can visit Winchester Cathedral and see wild horses in the New Forest National Park.

If you or someone you know requires Live-in Care or nursing in the Hampshire area then get in touch with our friendly team by phone on 01732 355 231 or by email at

Our Managed Home Care service is regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Our latest report, which stated we were a good care provider, can be found here.

What Is Live In Care?

Both our introductory and managed Live-in Care services in Hampshire allow you to remain in the comfort of your own home while still receiving high-quality and personalised care. Our experienced and fully trained carers will stay with you in your home to provide you with the level of care that meets your needs and requirements. 

Our Live-in Carers in Hampshire can provide support with a range of different things, such as daily social care, including helping you dress and undress, supporting you with bathing and providing assistance in the bathroom when needed. 

In addition, our Live-in Carers can also support you with household tasks, allowing you to keep your independence. This can include helping with cooking and cleaning, going shopping with you or for you and other chores. Many of our clients also benefit from a sense of companionship and support that comes from our Live-in Carers.  

Whether your loved one has complex care needs or simply requires a little looking after, Consultus can provide you with a bespoke and cost-effective Live-in Care service in Hampshire and the surrounding area. 

How A Live In Carer Can Help

Our Live-in Carers allow you to stay in the comfort of your own home, rather than suffering through the upheaval involved with moving to a single room in a care home. This allows you to remain in reassuring surroundings while continuing to enjoy the independence and freedom of choice that you are used to. 

In addition, our dedicated Live-in Carers can provide support with a number of specialist care needs, such as reducing the disruption for someone suffering from dementia or providing respite care to support a regular caregiver. A Live-in Carer can make an enormous difference in the later stages of life with specialist palliative care, which can manage pain and symptoms during a terminal illness. 

Managed Care At Home

Our Managed Care at Home service in Hampshire and the surrounding areas is a fully comprehensive model where your dedicated Care Consultant, Jayne McNaughton, will take ownership for every aspect of your care. This includes creating and maintaining a personalised care plan and risk assessments. 

Our exemplary Live-in Carers are always on hand to offer care, friendship and support, which enables your loved one to have the quality of life they deserve in their own home. Find out more here about this service. 

Meet Jayne McNaughton, Managed Care Regional Manager

Areas We Cover In Hampshire

Care Resources In Hampshire

Please see the list below for a number of healthcare resources across Hampshire (please note, these websites are owned and operated by third parties).

Looking For Care Jobs In Hampshire?

If you are interested in an exciting new career as a Consutlus Live-in Carer and you live in the Hampshire area take a look at our Live-in Care Jobs page to find out more. 

Enquire To Arrange Live In Care In Hampshire

Regardless of the circumstance that has caused you to need social care, our Live-in Carers will be able to provide you with all the support you need in the comfort of your own home. Whether you have concerns that your loved one needs more help or you need a bespoke care package created, our experienced care managers and consultants will help you resolve your concerns and find the best solution for you.

If you or a family member is in need of Live-in Care in Hampshire and the surrounding areas, get in touch with our friendly care team by phone on 01732 355 231 or by email at

Live In Care Frequently Asked Questions

To arrange a Live-in Carer for yourself or a loved one simply call us on 01732 355 231 and speak with our friendly care team.  

Our Live-in Carer can provide support with personal care, household chores and taking medication, depending on your needs. 

There may be care funding available to you from your local authority depending on your financial circumstances and care needs. Visit our Home Care Costs page for more information.

Live-in Care starts at £92 for a single client or £107 for couples, which is considerably less than the cost of two residential care home fees, saving on the cost of care. 

Yes, we do, depending on the service you choose. Our Introductory service is nationwide.  Our Managed Care at Home Service is available in London, South East, Hampshire & surrounding areas. Simply get in touch with our team for advice on which service is best for you. 

  • Personal care work – dressing, washing, showering, bathing, oral care, hair care, shaving, continence care and toileting
  • Assisting with mobility, transferring from bed to chair, for instance
  • General housework, shopping, cooking, laundry and cleaning
  • Companionship, emotional support, help with social activities and outings
  • Help with looking after family pets

Many of our Carers are experienced in helping people with all types of dementia and its associated challenges, such as memory loss, confusion or problems with speech and understanding. We give our Carers a wider understanding of dementia and its symptoms with our in-house dementia training courses.

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