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Our Care Consultants and Nurse Co-ordinators, who grew up in the area, are familiar with the surroundings and have a good understanding of the healthcare professionals, services and infrastructure.

Drawing from their experience they will match a suitable carer or nurse to your requirements and provide live-in care in the London area. We can offer both our Introductory care service our Managed Care

service as well as our Live-in Nursing to our clients in London.

Having all the benefits of an experienced carer or nurse in your own home and with 100% attention on you or your family member. This service gives complete peace of mind to the entire family; we believe this is the best solution for your care needs.


Below we have sourced a number of other well-known and respected organisations that also provide support in London (please note, these websites are owned and operated by third parties):

Age UK London

London NHS Trust

London CCG

With Consultus, you’re offered the freedom to choose the model of care that best suits you.

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