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High Quality Home Nursing Care

Here at Consultus, we believe that people are much happier receiving nursing care in their own home rather than a hospital or residential care home. They want to feel safe in familiar surroundings, with their family and friends and enjoy the reassurance that comes with 24-hour, one-to-one nursing seven days a week. 

Live-in nurses are trained and experienced in dealing with specific health conditions and are assigned based on their particular areas of expertise. Our Nurse Coordinators carefully match our live-in nurss with our clients to ensure a good relationship with the client is fostered from an early stage.

With the continuous monitoring that comes with one-on-one nursing, the only priority is the client. It is always reassuring for the entire family to know that a skilled and professional nurse is there when needed. If you or a relative have any serious health concerns or have had a terminal diagnosis, a live-in nurse may be the best solution for everyone involved.

A live-in nurse not only looks after the client, they comfort families, liaise with Healthcare Professionals and can easily identify areas of concern due to their years of experience and inner knowledge. Nursing is a profession that never stops giving and we want to ensure you receive not only the best care possible but can offer support for the entire family.

Care Consultant

Our Nursing at Home service is regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Our latest report, which states we are a good care provider, can be found here.

What Does A Live In Nurse Do?

Our live-in nurses are trained and experienced in dealing with specific health conditions, including:

  • Palliative/end-of-life care
  • Post-operative care
  • Unstable diabetes
  • Tracheostomy/Ventilated patients
  • Cardiac and lung (pulmonary) conditions
  • Brain/spinal injuries
  • Dementia care
  • Degenerative neurological conditions

In addition to being highly qualified and experienced clinicians, live-in nurses also provide invaluable companionship and emotional support. We know that loneliness and depression are heightened for elderly and vulnerable people living alone. A live-in nurse is on hand to talk, read a book, keep appointments and provide the emotional wellbeing which is so important. They’re also happy to help with cooking and some light housework. 

Here at Consultus, we believe our fees are very competitive and you won’t face any additional charges, except where a nurse needs to work beyond their agreed hours. Our live-in nurses work a 12-hour day with a two-hour break, typically between 8 am to 8 pm, or 8 pm to 8 am for night shifts, but these can be changed to meet your requirements. 

The minimum booking for a nurse is four days and up to two weeks at a time. If nursing is needed beyond that, we’ll happily organise a replacement Nurse to maintain continuity of your care. Our rates are based on a fixed weekly charge or pro-rata per day. 

Our Nurse Coordinators will be happy to discuss your needs and create a bespoke service for you and your individual requirements. Each situation is different and we want to work with you to provide the best live-in nursing experience we can.

Please call us today on 01732 770 403 and talk with one of our experienced and professional Nurse Coordinators.

Central to our live-in nursing service is our Nurse Coordinators, who are office-based, Registered Nurses who are always on hand, day and night, to provide expert help and advice. Our Nurse Coordinators have extensive experience and together with our live-in nurses, provide high-quality care and nursing for our clients. 

Our Nurse Coordinators work closely with families, GPs, District Nurses and other healthcare professionals to provide a coordinated, holistic package of care for clients. They also oversee all live-in nursing placements to ensure our clients are receiving the best care possible. 

Specialist Nursing Care Services

Our live-in nurses are trained in dealing with specific health conditions and to provide complex care. Our priority is always with the client, and our Live-in nursing care team can provide one-on-one social care for a variety of complex conditions that might affect you or a family member. 

Our specialist live-in nursing services include the following:

Being diagnosed with a life-limiting illness doesn’t have to result in lengthy stays in hospitals or residential homes. Instead, Consultus can provide a one-to-one palliative care service in the comfort of your own home. 

The aim of palliative care is to help you to have a good quality of life. You can receive palliative care at any stage in your illness and many people receive palliative care for many years. You can also receive palliative care alongside treatment, therapy and medication aimed at controlling our illness.

End-of-life care involves the treatment, care and support for those who are nearing the end of their life. It is an important part of palliative care and aims to ensure patients live as comfortably as possible in the time they have left in their own homes, rather than a nursing home or hospital. 

A live-in end-of-life carer will help manage your physical symptoms, provide you and your family emotional support and help provide information to you and your family on what to expect towards the end of your life.

Home nursing after surgery can help to prevent postoperative complications and infections and reduce the likelihood of being readmitted to a hospital. Our rehabilitation home care service can include physiotherapy exercises, wound care, stoma care and the administration of medication. 

Our live-in nurses will work closely with other healthcare professionals to create a personal care plan to provide the right level of nursing support to suit your needs. We also take the time to carefully match our nurses’ specific skill sets to your requirements to ensure the highest level of care.

Here at Consultus, we understand that caring for a family member or loved one on a full-time basis can take its toll on you. That is why we provide a respite live-in nursing service so that you can take a break while having complete peace of mind that the everyday needs of your family member are being taken care of by a qualified nurse. 

Respite nursing placements can be either short term or long term, depending on your needs, and can be arranged throughout the year. We always strive to provide continuity of care by arranging for the same live-in nurse to provide cover.

Many of our clients prefer to stay in their own home after being diagnosed with cancer and appreciate the comfort and familiarity. Our live-in nurses can provide high-quality care for you or a loved one in your own home during treatment and make you feel comfortable and secure. 

Extended hospital stays can result in separation from family and friends, which can have a negative impact on patients. A live-in nurse can provide symptom and pain relief, emotional support to both patients and their families and coordinate with other healthcare professionals to ensure the best possible care and treatment. 

Being diagnosed with Parkison’s can be overwhelming for you and your loved ones. Here at Consultus, we can provide a specialist nurse with the experience and knowledge to provide a home care service for patients with Parkinson’s. 

Our live-in nurses can manage their medication, work with other healthcare professionals to provide the right level of care and provide immeasurable support and relief to family members. A live-in nurse ensures the best care is on hand 24/7.

Our live-in nurses are trained and experienced in dealing with the challenges and complexities of motor neurone disease (MND). Due to the range of symptoms and outcomes associated with MND, treatment can include a range of highly customised therapies tailored to suit each individual patient. 

Having a specialist nurse at home 24-hours a day offers patients immense reassurance and relief and provides their families with peace of mind. Call one of our dedicated Nurse Coordinators today, who can discuss your nursing requirements.

Here at Consultus, we provide 24-hour, one-to-one home nursing for the care and rehabilitation of patients with a heart condition. Our experienced, specialist nurses can help patients with acute and chronic heart conditions return to health faster with one-to-one care in the comfort of your own home. 

Our private nursing service offers professional medical and personal support for patients who are recovering from a heart attack, congestive heart failure, stroke and various cardiovascular and thoracic surgeries.

We provide specialist nursing for people who have suffered brain or spinal injuries. Our live-in nurses work closely with other healthcare professionals, such as physiotherapists and NHS staff, to provide a personalised Care Plan to suit your individual requirements and to provide the best care possible. 

Our live-in nurses and Carers can help manage symptoms, provide pain relief, administer medication and provide advice and encouragement during your recovery. Live-in nursing care is tailored to the individual, meeting their physical, emotional and social needs.

Often people live with their dementia for many years, however, every person with dementia is unique and how their symptoms progress can be unique as well. This means there may come a time when a person needs the support of a qualified Nurse. 

Home nursing is even more important to dementia patients as being moved out of the familiar surroundings of their home can be even more confusing and upsetting for dementia patients. It is important to keep their routine the same in familiar surroundings to help manage their symptoms.

Enquire About Your Live In Nursing Needs

Here at Consultus, we have helped many families look after their loved ones in the security and comfort of their cherished homes with our high-quality home nursing care service. Live-in nursing can provide a wide range of benefits to both our clients and their families. Whether you need an early discharge from hospital after an operation or have had a terminal diagnosis, our nurses are here to help. Each situation is different but we are confident, whatever your requirements, we can help you.

For more information on our live-in nursing service or to arrange live-in care for yourself or a loved one, get in touch with our Nurse Coordinators by phone on 01732 770 403 or by email at email

Live In Nursing Frequently Asked Questions

If you are in need of a private nurse to provide home care for you or a family member, contact our Nurse Coordinators by phone on 01732 355231 or by email at and we will arrange for a live-in nurse to provide the necessary care. 

We understand how stressful it is when a family member falls ill. Thankfully, we have live-in nurses and Carers across England and Wales to suit your needs. Call our dedicated care team on 01732 355 231 and they will help find you the right nurse to meet your family’s needs. 

We believe receiving nursing care at home helps to prevent postoperative complications and allows you to enjoy the comfort of friends and family. Our rehabilitation live-in nurses can assist with your rehabilitation after an operation and provide physiotherapy exercises, wound care, stoma care and the administration of medication. 

Our rates for live-in nurses are based on a fixed weekly charge or pro-rata per day with a minimum of four days booking. Our Nurse Coordinators will be happy to discuss your needs and create a bespoke service for you and your individual requirements. Each situation is different and we want to work with you to provide the best live-in nursing experience we can. 

We are able to provide a live-in nurse for as long as you need. However, our minimum booking is four days/nights up to two weeks. After two weeks, our nurses often take a break, in which case we will arrange a replacement nurse. The same nurses can be allocated on a rota basis for long-term nursing support.

If a client only needs assistance once or twice a night for short periods, then the day nurse can provide this at an agreed overtime rate. However, if a day nurse is regularly woken more than twice a night, then it’s likely that additional assistance is needed.

If a client needs continuous 24-hour care then two nurses can be supplied, one on day duty and one on night duty.

You’ll need to provide our nurses with a private room, access to essential household amenities, and their meals – to be taken with the client where appropriate. In those cases where two nurses are required to live because of complicated medical needs, then they’ll both need a separate private room in the client’s home. Or a bedroom in the client’s home and a second room in a nearby relative’s home.

Our aim is always to provide continuity of nursing care without interruption. In unforeseen circumstances, our Nurse Coordinators will replace the outgoing nurse with as little delay as possible – never leaving the client without medical care.

By the time the nurse arrives at the client’s home, our team will have put in many hours of preparatory work. At the same time, our nurse will have committed herself/himself to a booking which typically lasts for 14 days or more.

For these reasons, we do charge a deposit which is equivalent to four-day fees. In the event of a cancellation before the booking starts, this is non-refundable. However, if the booking goes ahead, this is simply deducted from the first invoice.

We know from long experience that delays to hospital discharge can force postponements to confirmed bookings, which can mean delaying our nurse’s arrival. Similarly, you may need to request a break in service because of a temporary hospital admission. In these instances, to avoid the break-up of an established rota, we try to arrange for the nurse to remain on paid standby.

We’re happy to say this is extremely rare, but when things do go wrong we need to know as soon as possible. Please contact us either by phone on 01732 355231 or email or post to 17 London Road, Tonbridge, Kent TN10 3AB. We promise to investigate and provide you with a substantive response as quickly as we can.

All Consultus Nurses have undergone the strictest selection procedure, culminating in a two-hour face-to-face interview. We check that they have:

  • Their qualifications and documentation verified by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)
  • A minimum of three years’ post-registration experience and are RN1-qualified
  • Two professional references that comment on their clinical skills and competencies
  • A Disclosure and Barring Service Enhanced Disclosure
  • Evidence of their ongoing Post-Registration Education and Practice (PREP).

Our nurses stay with each client for the duration of the assignment, typically up to two weeks on rotation. They work seven days a week and twelve hours per day, including a daily two-hour break, the timing of which is flexible and is agreed between the client and nurse. They will also work overtime at a slightly enhanced rate and are on hand for any night calls.

Absolutely, we do like to make home nursing as affordable as possible. If payment needs to be met by two people or organisations, we’d simply raise two timesheets and two invoices. It’s then up to you and the second party to decide who pays what proportion of costs. Our only caveat is that we and our nurse should ideally have just one point of contact for clinical matters, timesheets and local supervision.

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