Live-in Nursing

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We believe that people are much happier being nursed in their own home. They want to feel safe in familiar surroundings, with family and friends and the reassurance of 24-hour, one-to-one nursing, seven days a week.

Live-in nurses are assigned based on their particular areas of expertise and carefully matched so that a good relationship with the client is fostered from an early stage. It is always reassuring for the entire family to know that a skilled and professional nurse is there when needed. If you or a relative have any serious health concerns or have had a terminal diagnosis, a live-in nurse may be the best solution for everyone involved.

A live in nurse not only looks after the client, they comfort families, liaise with healthcare professionals and can easily identify areas of concern due to their years of experience and inner knowledge. Nursing is a profession that never stops giving and we want to ensure you receive not only the best care possible but can offer support for the entire family.

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Live-in nurses are trained and experienced in dealing with specific health conditions. With the continuous monitoring that comes with one-on-one nursing, the only priority is the client, which provides an invaluable level of security and reassurance for the client and the family.

Nursing at Home service is regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Our latest report, which stated we were a good care provider, can be found here.


A live-in nurse can perform any of the responsibilities that you would expect from a nurse in hospital, including:

  • administering medication
  • changing dressings and monitoring wound healing
  • changing catheter bags
  • PEG feeding
  • liaising with other healthcare professionals.

In addition to being highly qualified and experienced clinicians, nurses also provide invaluable companionship and emotional support. We know that loneliness and depression is heightened for elderly and vulnerable people living alone. A live-in nurse is on hand to talk, read a book, keep appointments and provide the emotional wellbeing which is so important. They’re also happy to help with cooking and some light housework. Nurses typically work a 12-hour day with a two hour break, but you have the reassurance that the nurse is always physically present, beyond these hours and through the night if needed.

Nurse Co-ordinators are office-based, experienced and registered nurses, who are always on hand – day and night – to provide expert help and advice. Together with live-in nurses, they work closely with families, GPs, district nurses and other healthcare professionals to provide a co-ordinated, holistic package of care for clients.

The benefits of live-in nursing are priceless; we have helped many families look after their loved ones in the security and comfort of their cherished homes. Whether you need an early discharge from hospital after an operation, or have had a terminal diagnosis, our nurses are here to help. Each situation is different but we are confident, whatever your requirements, we can help you.

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