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Quality Live-In Care Across The UK

Live-in care is a reassuring and comforting alternative solution for the care needs of the elderly and vulnerable compared to a nursing home. Not only is it much less disruptive than unpredictable community care and extended hospital stays, but it is also more cost-effective. 

Here at Consultus, we are one of the UK’s leading care companies and have been a Home Care provider for nearly 60 years and have extensive experience in providing high-quality, 24-hour live-in care that ensures our clients are able to stay in their own homes while still receiving round-the-clock support.

With live-in care, there’s none of the upheaval involved in moving to one room of a care home. Life carries on as normal in the reassuring comfort of your own home, helping to extend your independence and giving you daily freedom of choice and a better quality of life. Ask our friendly team of dedicated Care Consultants for more information about our live-in care service on 01732 355231 or email

Our Managed Home Care service is regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Our latest report, which stated we were a good care provider, can be found here.

The benefits of live-in care are priceless. clients share with us the advantages they have experienced with a live-in carer. A carer who is on-hand 24/7 with the skill and ability to deliver constant care, is so important to our clients. Our team of Care Consultants have a wealth of work and life experience and are from a variety of relevant backgrounds. They really take the time to get to know the client's needs and discuss their care needs and preferences in detail, thus enabling us to provide the valuable service, for which we are well-known. Experienced live-in carers make a difference not just for the client, but the whole family.

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Quick Summary

How to arrange live-in care

Step 1: Get In Touch With Our Team

Call us on 01732 355231 to speak to our New Client Care Consultants to talk through your options, and any questions you have.

Step 2: Discuss Your Requirements

Our care team will discuss your needs and requirements, as well as their likes and dislikes, so we can find the perfect carer for you.

Step 3: Get Matched With A Carer

We will match you with a carer that meets your needs and preferences to ensure you feel comfortable and receive the best possible care.

Call Us On 01732 355231 To Arrange Live-in Care For Your Loved One.

What Is Live-in Care?

Live-in care allows you to remain in the comfort of your own home with our experienced, passionate and fully-trained carers, providing the practicalities of a full-time home care service. Not only will you feel better being at ease amongst your belongings and memories, but you also gain companionship and support which benefits you and gives your family peace of mind.

Live-in carers are trained to help with a wide range of care needs, including personal care, minor medical conditions such as arthritis & mobility problems, incontinence issues and major medical conditions such as Parkinson’s, Strokes, Alzheimer’s and Dementia care. Our live-in carers and nurses can both offer palliative care and end-of life-care to help you manage life limiting illness and improve your quality of life in your remaining time. 

In addition to being experienced in various aspects of caring, live-in carers are able to offer companionship and support. Our years of experience as a live-in care agency has given us a good understanding of the conditions and care needs of older and vulnerable people. 

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Every day we see more proof that receiving care at home is better for our clients, and healthcare professionals agree. Research shows you recover faster after an illness or operation when you can recuperate in your own home. With a 24/7 live-in carer in place to offer convalescent care, you could also be discharged earlier from hospital following an operation.

Whether your loved one has complex care needs or simply requires a little looking after, Consultus can provide you with a bespoke and cost-effective live-in care service that will suit your individual needs.

What Does A Live-in Carer Do?

A dedicated live-in carer provides you with assistance and support in your own home. A live-in home carer provides you with the level of care that is tailored to your situation and needs, such as personal care, including helping with washing and mobility or assisting with housework. 

We will introduce a live-in carer to you who stays with you in your home and provides a bespoke 24-hour care service. One of the biggest advantages of live-in care for the elderly is the total independence and autonomy it gives you.

If you are interested in becoming a live-in carer then take a look at our live-in care jobs page to discover an exciting new career

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A Live-in Carer Can Provide:

Personal care and support
with medication and
medical appointments

Preparing meals, keeping you
hydrated and helping you meet
your dietary requirments

Daily social care, including dresing and undressing, washing and bathing, oral care, hair care and toileting

General housework and chores,
such as shopping, cooking,
laundry and cleaning

One-to-one care and reassurance
just moments away with emotional support and companionship

Indepedence and total freedom of
choice without set visiting times
or rigid daily routines

Your Choice In Care

Here at Consultus, we offer our clients a choice. Not only are we a successful introductory agency with nearly 60 years of experience of providing one-to-one live-in care, but we have also launched our Managed Care at Home Department

We all have the right to make decisions and choose how we live our life. Everyone has different ideas about what is important and what makes us feel better. No matter what your choice is, our Care Team is ready to provide a bespoke Care Plan tailored to suit your needs.

People feel better when receiving care in the comfort of their own home. Being in a familiar setting helps to make them feel more at ease, which is important later in life. As part of our Introductory Service, we can provide a live-in carer to provide high-quality care to your loved one.

Our bespoke Introductory Service has been helping families throughout the UK for almost 60 years by offering a full 24/7 one-to-one service shaped by each client’s situation and care needs, extending their independence and enabling daily freedom of choice.

Here at Consultus, we have recently launched our Managed Care Department for our clients in London, the South East & Hampshire and surrounding areas. Made up of a team of experienced, committed and skilled Care Consultants, our Managed Care Department has helped many people remain independent, secure and safe in the comfort of their own homes. 

Whether you have concerns that your loved one needs more help or you need a bespoke Care Package created, our experienced Care Managers and Consultants will help you resolve your concerns and find the best solution for you. We are here to talk to you about your needs, to offer expert advice and help you really make a difference to your loved ones.

At Consultus, we believe that the benefits of live-in care are priceless. That is why we ensure that not only is live-in care a better alternative to living in a care home but that it is often a more affordable and cost-effective option. A skilled and dedicated live-in carer can provide assistance in a number of different scenarios, from minimising disruption for a loved one who has dementia to providing respite care for family members and care-givers providing 24-hour care for elderly or vulnerable people. We also offer convalescent care, where live-in carers provide high levels of care at home following an illness or when recuperating from an operation at home.

As a live-in care and nursing Provider, we understand that no one wants to be displaced from their home into an unfamiliar and potentially stressful environment. We take pride in enabling our clients to remain in their own homes where they can enjoy familiar surroundings and the independence that comes with this. It can be a huge confidence boost to know that you are able to be professionally cared for at home, whether it’s to facilitate recovery after a period in hospital or part of your ongoing Care Plan.

We understand that it is easy to feel vulnerable and uncertain about your future progress during these periods. Thankfully, a private live-in carer will create a stable and supportive environment for you, helping to speed up recovery rates and improving the outcome. This is why we firmly believe that the benefits of live-in care far exceed those of a care home in both quality and value for money.

Consultus Live-in Care Costs:

For a single client:

Live-in care for a single client who needs minimal personal care starts at £92 per day (guide price), however, when speaking with our team the needs of the client will be discussed and the rate will be based on these needs.

An affordable alternative to moving into a care home

For couples:

Live-in care starts at £107 per day.

Considerably less than the cost of two residential care home fees

Agency fee per carer:

Per week  – £189 inclusive of VAT

On engagement of the Agency, the Registration Fee of £200.00 including VAT becomes due for payment.

Situations Where A Live-in Carer Can Help

A skilled and dedicated live-in carer can provide assistance in a number of different scenarios, from minimising disruption for a loved one who has dementia to providing respite care for family members and care-givers providing 24-hour care for elderly or vulnerable people. We also provide convalescent care, where live-in carers provide high levels of attention round-the-clock after you have had an illness or are recuperating from an operation at home.

A live-in carer can make an enormous difference in the later stages of life, with palliative care, which treats or manages pain and other symptoms during a terminal illness.  In addition, live-in carers and Care Consultants have the experience to recognise when qualified live-in nursing care is needed as additional or alternative 24/7 support. 

In these situations where a client requires additional support or help our Care Consultants will liaise with our live-in nursing pepartment, who have professional registered nurses on hand to help. Live-in carers and nurses are here to help 24/7.

In any circumstance where you need care, there’s nothing quite like having an experienced carer who’s ready to come to your aid, in your own home, at a moment’s notice.

Here at Consultus, our live-in care service is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). We understand how vital the extra comfort and reassurance that comes from one-to-one care in the comfort of your own home is for our clients and their families. Which is why we have been providing a dedicated live-in care service for adults of all ages who are in need of some extra care and support for nearly 60 years.

How Are Consultus Different?

With other introductory care agencies, you simply pay a fee to be introduced to a carer who you then manage directly. With Consultus, our Managed Care Department is a fully managed model where a dedicated care consultant will take responsibility for every aspect of your care. 

All of our Consultus Carers have been subjected to our stringent recruitment process as well as receiving a high-standard of training from our in-house training team. This ensures we are always providing our clients with high-quality care that is suited to their requirements. 

Why Choose Live-in Care

With live-in care, a carer will be matched with you or your loved one based on your individual care needs as well as your personality, likes and dislikes. Our carers are friendly, caring and dedicated and will always ensure the client’s needs come first. 

We take great care in placing carers with our clients based on their personality, likes and dislikes and interests so your loved one will feel comfortable being cared for and sharing their home with their chosen carer.

Why Choose Consultus

Here at Consultus Care, we are proud to offer a high-quality live-in care service across the UK. Our team is fully regulated and monitored by the Care Quality Commission, which means we adhere to the highest standards in the industry, including our training.

For nearly 60 years, we have been supporting people with care, nurse-supported care and companionship across the UK. We know what it takes to provide the right level of care so that you can retain your independence in the comfort and familiar surroundings of your own home.

Here’s more about Consultus:

Palliative care involves the treatment, care and support of those with a life-limiting illness, such as advanced cancer, motor neuron disease (MND) and dementia. It can also be known as ‘supportive care’ and aims in providing care and support to allow you to have the best quality of life possible as well as being as active as possible in the time you have left. 

Palliative care can include:

  • Managing physical symptoms such as pain

  • Emotional, spiritual and psychological support

  • Social care, including help with things like washing, dressing or eating

  • Support for your family and friends

You can receive palliative care at any stage of your illness and receiving palliative care doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to die soon. In fact, some people receive palliative care for many years to help support them during treatments, therapies and medicines that are aimed at controlling their illness. 

However, palliative care does include caring for people who are nearing the end of their life. We call this end-of-life care.

What Is End-Of-Life Care?

Our live-in end-of-life care service involves the treatment, care and support of people who are nearing the end of their life. End-of-life care is an important part of palliative care and aims to help patients be as comfortable as possible in the time they have left in the comfort of their own homes. 

End-of-life care involves the management of physical symptoms as well as providing emotional support for both the patient and their families. The people looking after you will talk to you about your needs and wishes, and make sure they consider what you want in the care they provide.

For more information on our live-in palliative care service or to arrange palliative or end-of-life care for you or a family member, visit our palliative care page.

Here at Consultus, we understand the impact that having a member of your family being diagnosed with any type of dementia can have. Our live-in carers can provide you with expert care assistance 24/7 to help people at all stages of dementia.

Dementia is progressive, meaning that the symptoms will eventually get worse. In addition, moving those suffering from dementia away from their home can be particularly traumatic and can worsen their symptoms. This is why live-in care is such an ideal option to provide optimal support for those suffering from dementia. 

Wherever possible, we try to arrange for a rotation of regular live-in carers to look after a client living with dementia, to minimise disruption and encourage a calming environment. To find out more about our dementia care service or to arrange a live-in carer, call 01732 355 231 or email

While many elderly people receive care from family members and loved ones in their own home, it can be extremely demanding on the family member providing care. This is why at Consultus, we provide a planned respite care service to allow those who provide care for a family member to have a break, ensuring they do not become overworked. 

Respite care is a vital part of 24/7 live-in care and planning ahead for regular breaks is an excellent way of preserving the long-term benefits of live-in care for all concerned. Once respite care has been arranged, relatives and carers can confidently enjoy their time away safe in the knowledge that their loved one is being taken care of by a professional live-in carer. 

Each of our live-in carers are carefully chosen to meet the client’s individual needs and circumstances. The carers will provide refreshing and stimulating companionship while providing a 24-hour live-in care service. We can arrange for carers to cover a single weekend, regular weekends or short breaks, as well as longer breaks, depending on your requirements. 

carer and client having tea

Short Or Long Term Live-in Care

Here at Consultus, we provide both short-term and long-term live-in care throughout the UK. Call our approachable Care Consultants on 01732 355231 to discuss which option to choose or email

Our short-term Live-in Care service is quick and easy to organise and can often be arranged within 24 hours’ notice. Short-term live-in care is perfect for those who need emergency care, are recovering from surgery or want to organise a planned respite for someone who is looking after a loved one. 

When given the choice, not many people want to leave their homes and move into a residential care home. Instead, Long-term Live-in care provides our clients with enhanced independence, the comfort of their own home and the emotional support and companionship that comes with a live-in carer. 

Having to go into a residential care home can cause a total upheaval in an elderly person’s life. We understand that no one wants to leave the comfort of their own home, which is why with our support you can receive high-quality care in the comfort of your own home. Sharing your home with a live-in carer means that you will receive the care and support you need, in the place where you feel most comfortable. 

In addition, many people are surprised that the cost of care is often cheaper compared to nursing or care home fees. Our costs are transparent and our care service is tailored to suit your individual needs, meaning you will benefit from high-quality care that is cost-effective. This is doubly true for couples that require assistance, as a live-in carer can provide care for you both in your own home without the risk of you being split up in a care home.  

Specialist Nursing

Live-In Care with Consultus
Receive care in the comfort of your own home
Complete freedom of choice & independence
Receive personalised, one-to-one care from a dedicated Carer
Often more cost-effective
Family & friends can visit at a time that suits you
Residential Care/ Nursing Home
Forced to move to a new, unfamiliar environment
Set meal times with no choice in meals
Carers operate on shifts with your care being shared amongst them
Lack of freedom and lifestyle choices
Strict visiting times can limit social interaction with friends and family

In addition to our live-in care service, we also provide a range of specialist private nursing services to help with a range of medical conditions or palliative care. Live-in nursing care can help improve recovery after operations, allow for early discharge from hospitals and reduce the risk of post-op complications. 

Enquire About Your Live-in Care Needs

We have provided high-quality care to many families in the comfort of their own home. Our live-in care service can provide a wide range of benefits to both our clients and their families. Each situation is different but we are confident, whatever your requirements, we can help you.

For more information on our live-in care service or to arrange live-in care for yourself or a loved one, get in touch with us by phone on 01732 355 231 or by email at

Live-in Care Frequently Asked Questions

A live-in carer will stay with you and provide you with 24/7 support and care that is tailored to your individual needs. They can help with personal care, medication, household tasks and complex care.

Live-in care starts at £92 for a single client or £107 for couples, which is considerably less than the cost of two residential care home fees, saving on the cost of care. 

There may be care funding available to you from your local authority depending on your financial circumstances and care needs. Visit our Home Care Costs page for more information.

Yes, a live-in carer will require their own bedroom while they stay with you. It is important that a carer has their own space where they can relax and sleep while they are not working. 

Carers provide different levels of support, depending on the client’s needs, priorities and preferences. Duties typically include:

  • Personal care work – dressing, washing, showering, bathing, oral care, hair care, shaving, continence care and toileting
  • Assisting with mobility, transferring from bed to chair, for instance
  • General housework, shopping, cooking, laundry and cleaning
  • Companionship, emotional support, help with social activities and outings
  • Help with looking after family pets

Simply call us on 01732 355 231 and speak with our New Client Care Consultants

For support with more advanced medical conditions we would recommend booking a Consultus Live-in Nurse. 

We take your individual care needs, concerns, preferences and personality into account when assigning carers. Once we have asked you the relevant questions we will review our relevant carers, matching their experience and expertise to your care needs as well as their likes and dislikes to ensure they are the best fit for you and your needs. 

We will send you a confirmation letter and you can speak with the carer we assign over the phone. We check with both carer and client that all is well and ask you for your feedback.

Live-in carers typically work seven days a week for a period of two weeks at a time. Whilst there are no specified hours of work, in each 24-hour period a carer would need 8 hours for sleep. We also ask, where possible, that the carer is given up to two hours off each day, preferably as a single break. Each booking is unique and your carer will work with you where possible to accommodate your needs.

Yes, bookings can be occasional, infrequent and short-term. For a minimum of 3 days. Please discuss your requirements with our New Client Care Consultants

Unfortunately not; we specialise in 24/7 live-in care and nursing.  If you decide you do not need a live-in carer, we recommend that any visiting healthcare assistant bookings are made through a fellow member of the United Kingdom Home Care Association. Please call UKHCA on 020 8661 8188.

The main role of a carer is client care and wellbeing, but they are also there to help with the smooth running of the home, so light housekeeping, laundry, cooking, driving and shopping duties are included in the domestic duties; each can be included where personal care needs allow.

Our clients tell us that while it sometimes feels a little odd initially to have a new person staying in their home, that feeling quickly fades away – and is infinitely preferable to moving to the institutional environment of a care home, which can be impersonal and unfamiliar.

Our carers are reliable, discreet, friendly and committed to the physical and emotional wellbeing of their clients. They operate in a professional, polite, dependable and confidential manner, and always respect the homes and privacy of clients.

We completely understand that unforeseen circumstances can mean the need to postpone a confirmed booking, or even arrange a break in the service. Please call our Care Consultants on 01732 355231 as soon as any unavoidable changes in circumstance arise.

Yes, we do, depending on the service you choose. Our Introductory Service is nationwide.  Our Managed Care at Home Service is available in London, South East, Hampshire & surrounding areas. Just get in touch with our New Client Care Consultants and they will identify the best service matched to your particular needs.

It’s not possible to meet the carer we assign face to face before your booking starts. Once we have confirmed the booking there will be an opportunity to speak to your carer when arrival and changeover arrangements will also be discussed.

Most of our carers come through personal recommendation, our Recruitment Department at head office and via our Overseas Agents in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Australia.

All carers have a face to face interview, at which we check all documentation, take professional references and process a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Enhanced Disclosure and DBS Adult First. All professional references are followed up with police checks from their country of origin.

Many of our carers are experienced in helping people with all types of dementia and its associated challenges, such as memory loss, confusion or problems with speech and understanding. We give our carers a wider understanding of dementia and its symptoms with our in-house dementia training courses.

The need for routine and familiarity for people with dementia is well established. Our carers help clients retain their sense of identity, self-worth and security by caring for them in the most comfortable environment possible – their own home. They enable better communication, engage in activities and provide a stable, stress-free consistency of care that forms a regular routine.

Yes, many of our clients have favourite regular carers, and we try to arrange a rota of carers wherever possible.

The cost for a live-in carer for a single client is typically less than residential nursing home fees. Where a couple wishes to remain at home together, it is possible they could both be cared for by a single Consultus Live-in Carer and pay considerably less than combined residential fees.

We are more than happy to give you a no-obligation quotation over the telephone. Please contact our New Client Care Consultants on 01732 355231.

You’ll find lots of information, including a free guide to financing private care, on our dedicated Home Care Costs page. 

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