Lung disease rehabilitation

Recovery from serious illness can be a long journey for the elderly. Arthur had been suffering from a respiratory tract infection, which was being treated with antibiotics.

Repeated chest infections meant that rather than improving, his condition was deteriorating. Understandably, Arthur was adamant that he wouldn’t be admitted to hospital, but the reality was that, exacerbated by being registered blind, he was unable to look after himself and needed professional nursing care.

Arthur had been staying with his son temporarily, but wanted to return home. His son approached us, asking us to provide all the necessary support for Arthur once he was back home. Our aim was to help stabilise Arthur’s condition and promote his independence wherever possible. Our Live-in Nurse was already at his home when Arthur arrived and over the next eight days worked closely with the district nursing team and our client’s GP.

Having helped to resolve the chest infection, our nurse focused on aiding Arthur’s mobility. Once he was much healthier, better able to look after himself and had become more independent, our nurse completed a full handover to a carer for daily care support.

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