Palliative Care Nursing

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Being admitted to a hospital, care home or hospice isn’t the inevitable outcome of a life-limiting illness. Instead, we can provide one-to-one palliative care in your own home with a Consultus Live-in Nurse.

What Is Palliative Care?

Palliative care, or end-of-life care, is a speciality nursing practice that provides one-to-one patient care for those who are suffering from a life-limiting illness. 

Whether the diagnosis is advanced cancer, motor neurone disease, end-stage Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, renal failure, congestive heart failure or another life-threatening or terminal illness, our nurses provide continuous one-to-one compassionate support.

What Does Palliative Care Include?

At Consultus, we understand that older people prefer the comfort and independence that comes from receiving social care in their own home, rather than a nursing home or hospital. That is why we provide a live-in palliative nursing service. 

Our experienced, live-in nurses can provide comprehensive specialist Palliative care and end-of-life support in your own home, ensuring your needs are clinically assessed and treated immediately as symptoms appear.

Palliative care providers work closely with clients and their family, as well as other healthcare professionals, to provide personalised care planning that ensures dying patients receive the best care and have the best quality of life possible in their remaining time.

The Palliative Care Nurse Will:

  • Ensure that their client’s dignity and privacy are maintained at all times

  • Provide personalised Care Plans that focus on the client’s needs, preferences and choices

  • Provide spiritual care and emotional support to their client

  • Help their client lead as active a life as possible, support their independence and improve their quality of life

  • Closely liaison with the community multi-disciplinary team (MDT) to ensure the best support is in place

  • Provide pain relief and symptom management, especially with potentially distressing symptoms

  • Be there to support and help families cope throughout the Client’s illness and during bereavement

Enquire About Your Palliative Care Needs

If you are in need of Palliative care for a loved one or if you have any questions about any of our live-in nursing services please get in touch with our friendly and experienced palliative care team on 01732 355231 and they will help you make sense of the options available to you.

Palliative Care FAQ

Palliative care, or end-of-life care, is a specialist treatment and care service for people with a life-limiting illness. The aim of our palliative care service is to allow you to still have a good quality of life while remaining independent and as active as possible in the care setting. Palliative care involves managing your physical symptoms, such as pain, as well as providing emotional and spiritual support. 

You can book a live-in nurse for as long as you need them. However, our minimum booking is four days/nights for up to two weeks. After two weeks we encourage our nurses to take a break and we will assign a replacement nurse. The same nurses can be allocated on a rota basis for long-term nursing support. 

You will need to provide our nurses with a private room, access to essential household amenities and their meals. In those cases where two nurses are required to live-in because of complicated medical needs, they will both need a separate private room or one-bedroom in the client’s home and the second room in a nearby family member’s home. 

To ensure high-quality care, our live-in nurses stay with each client for the duration of their assignment, which is typically up to two weeks on rotation. They work seven days a week and twelve hours a day with a daily two-hour break. They will also work overtime at a slightly enhanced rate and are on hand for night calls if necessary.

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