Palliative (end of life) nursing

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Admission to hospital or a hospice isn’t the inevitable outcome of a life-limiting condition. Our experienced, live-in nurses can provide comprehensive palliative and end-of-life support in your own home, ensuring your needs are clinically assessed and treated immediately as symptoms appear.

Whether the diagnosis is cancer, motor neurone disease, end stage Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, renal failure or another terminal illness, our nurses provide continuous one-to-one compassionate support.

The nurse will ensure:

  • client dignity and privacy are maintained at all times
  • personalised care plans are in place, focused on client's needs, preferences and choices
  • that the psychosocial and spiritual aspects of their client's care is intergrated into their daily life
  • close liaison with the community multi-disciplinary team (MDT) to ensure the best support is in place
  • that their client leads as active a life as possible
  • their client's independence, wherever feasible
  • there is support to help families cope throughout the client's illness and during bereavement