Planned Respite care

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Many elderly or disabled people have the good fortune to be cared for happily and contentedly in their own homes. Most people also understand that, whether the responsibility is undertaken by a close family member, extended family, friend or care-giver, respite care can often be a vital and essential part of the overall support needed for that person to be cared for 24/7.

Planning ahead for intermittent or regular breaks is an excellent way to provide long-term benefits to all concerned, bringing measurable and positive experiences into the home environment.

Once arrangements are in place for respite care, relatives and carers can confidently enjoy time away, knowing that the live-in carer is always on hand.

Each carer is chosen according to a particular client’s needs, wishes and circumstance, whilst recognising the value of continuity and familiarity. The carers will provide refreshing and stimulating companionship.

We can arrange for carers to cover a single weekend, regular weekends or short breaks, as well as longer breaks – whatever is required.   

Some clients may also wish to have a carer for a trial period prior to arranging a longer break.

Please see Short-term care for emergency carers.

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