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Many disabled or older people have the good fortune to receive 24-hour care provided by a close family member, extended family, friend or caregiver in the comfort of their own homes. However, providing 24/7 care can be extremely demanding and it is important that regular respite care is planned to ensure the care provider isn’t overworked, reducing the overall quality of care provided.

Here at Consultus, we are one of the UK’s leading home care providers with close to 60 years of experience in providing a high-quality 24-hour live-in care service that ensures our clients are able to stay in their own homes while still receiving round-the-clock support. Our respite care service is often seen as a vital and essential part of the overall support required for effective 24/7 live-in care.

Planning ahead for intermittent or regular breaks is an excellent way to provide long-term benefits to all concerned, bringing measurable and positive experiences into the home environment. For more information about our live-in respite care service or to arrange planned respite care for you and your family member, get in touch with our friendly team of dedicated Care Consultants by phone on 01732 355 231 or by email at

Our Managed Home Care service is regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Our latest report, which stated we were a good care provider, can be found here.

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What Is Respite Care?

Respite Care is a form of live-in care that provides a temporary break for your regular caregiver, allowing them to take a much-needed short break. Our respite care service allows you to continue receiving professional care in the comfort of your own home, ensuring you remain as comfortable and undisrupted as possible while whoever cares for you on a regular basis enjoys a short break. 

Respite care can be an essential part of your personal care. In fact, seeking support and maintaining your own health are key parts of the role as a caregiver and ensures you are able to continue to provide high-quality care. 

Periods of respite care can range from a short break over a weekend or a few days, to a longer break over a few weeks to meet the individual needs of you and your regular carer. Each carer is chosen according to a particular client’s needs, likes and dislikes, and circumstances, whilst recognising the value of continuity and familiarity. The carers will provide refreshing and stimulating companionship.

The Different Types Of Respite Care

From short stays to longer periods, respite care can take many different forms. However, no matter the type of respite care required, sharing responsibility for providing social care and being able to take a break from caregiving is an essential part of providing for the care needs of your loved one. 

We have a range of different respite care options to suit your individual requirements. We can arrange for carers to cover a single weekend, regular weekends or short breaks, as well as longer breaks – whatever is required.  Some clients may also wish to have a carer for a trial period prior to arranging a longer break. 

For more information about our live-in respite care service or to arrange planned respite care for you and your family member, get in touch with our respite care team by phone on 01732 355 231 or by email at

What Does A Live In Respite Carer Do?

Your respite carer will provide the same level of support that you do while you are providing regular care. This can include providing daily social care, such as help with dressing and undressing, aiding with showering or washing and providing assistance in the bathroom, such as toileting or hair care. 

Our live-in carers can also provide assistance with general housework during their stay, such as helping with cooking and cleaning, going shopping or doing laundry. Carers can also help with social activities and outings, giving you a change of scenery when needed. 

Our live-in carers are also able to provide more specialist care, such as Alzheimer’s or palliative (end-of-life) care. This often includes working with other healthcare professionals to ensure the client is receiving the best possible care to suit their personal Care Plan

In addition, our dedicated carers are able to provide the emotional support and companionship that your loved one would have become used to receiving from their regular carer. This ensures that both relatives and the regular carer have peace of mind and can confidently enjoy their time away. 

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Here at Consultus, we strongly believe that live-in care is a far better and more cost-effective solution for your loved one’s care needs compared to a residential care home. 

Consultus Live-in Care Costs:

For a single client:

Live-in care for a single client who needs personal care starts at £92 per day

For couples:

Live-in care starts at £107 per day

Agency fee per carer:

Per week  – £189 inclusive of VAT (increasing to £210 inclusive of VAT per week from Monday 4th April 2022)

On engagement of the Agency, the Registration Fee of £200.00 including VAT becomes due for payment.

Easy and quick to organise, a short-term, a live-in carer at home can help support for a period of 3 days or more. If you are in need of an emergency carer for a family member or loved one, our short-term home care service will provide you with full-time care. A carer can often be arranged for you at 24 hours’ notice. If you would like to find out more about short-term care, please call 01732 355 231.

Looking To Become A Live-in Carer?

If you are looking for a job as a live-in carer then take a look at our live-in care jobs page.

Enquire About Our Planned Respite Service

We have extensive experience in providing high-quality care to many families across the UK. Our live-in respite care service can provide a wide range of benefits to both our clients and their families. Each situation is different but we are confident, whatever your requirements, we can help you.

For more information on our live-in care service or to arrange live-in care for yourself or a loved one, get in touch with us by phone on 01732 355 231 or by email at

Planned Respite Care FAQ

Respite care is when one of our live-in carers provides temporary care for you or your loved one to allow the regular carer to have a respite break. Our professional carer will stay with you for the required period of time and tend to your care needs, such as personal care and household duties. 

A respite Carer can provide different levels of support, depending on the needs of the client. These duties can range from providing personal care, administering medication, taking care of general housework like cooking or cleaning and providing companionship and emotional support. 

There may be care funding available to you from your local authority depending on your financial circumstances and care needs. Visit our Home Care Costs page for more information.

It is important that carers take regular breaks from caring, to ensure they have time to relax and have time for themselves. With planned respite care, a professional live-in carer will take over your regular care duties, giving you peace of mind that your family member or loved one is in good hands. 

If you think you could benefit from respite care, please get in touch with a member of our team who will be happy to assist you in arranging respite care by phone on 01732 355231 or by email at

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