Consultus Connect

All of the funcitonality previously available with ‘Consultus Online’ is being moved over to Consultus Connect.  

For clients and family members:

View bookings, view carer profiles, contact Consultus and view your account & invoices. 

Also with Consultus Connect:

With Consultus Introduced Care – Care At Home: 
Speak to your carers about your requirements for information on Connect – you can view real-time updates or a daily summary at the end of the day.  (Consultus does not monitor the data with Introduced Care). 

With Consultus Fully Managed Care:
You can be rest-assured that our Managed Care Consultants are receiving real-time updates and alerts through Consultus Connect, however you can receive daily updates directly from the carers.

Functionality Coming Soon:  
A shared calendar so that you can see any healthcare appointments that may have been arranged for your loved-one or if there are any visitors.  You can also add events to the calendar so that the carers can see when you may wish to visit.

For carers:

When you apply to become a Consultus Carer, you will receive an invitation to Consultus Connect to complete your online application.  Once you have completed your training you will then be able to check your bookings, view your account, contact Consultus, update your profile & availability and view training plans. 

With Consultus Introduced Care – Care At Home – bookings
Consultus Connect is essentially a digital version of the paper logbook in the client’s home. Depending on the requirements of the client and client’s family, you will be able to log care activities and a daily summary.

With Consultus Managed Care
As a managed care carer, you will use Consultus Connect to log care points (care activities), medication and provide a daily summary. 

Consultus Connect is continually being developed with new features.  Please refer to the help guide on Connect by clicking the question mark button.

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