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We know Live-in Carers are special, which is why we would like to hear from you. We are looking for caring, hard-working people who are interested in becoming Live-in Carers. Consultus has been providing high-quality live-in care services for clients in their own homes for nearly 60 years. 

Here at Consultus, we understand how beneficial receiving social care in the comfort of your own home is to our service users. This is why we strive to provide the best in live-in care and make a real difference to people’s lives. 

We have created an environment where your talents, individuality, and motivation are encouraged and where you can make your Carer job a fulfilling and varied career. We will provide you with full training to the highest standards to ensure that you will be at ease and comfortable in your role as a Live-in Carer and provide a high-quality service to your clients.

Our Managed Home Care service is regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Our latest report, which stated we were a good care provider, can be found here.

Live In Carer Jobs

As a professional Live-in Carer, you will provide support and meet the care needs of elderly or vulnerable people when they need help the most while also allowing them to live as independently as possible. You will work in your client’s home where they are more comfortable and relaxed. 

Our live-in care service can involve helping with cooking and cleaning, helping your client move around the house or get up in the morning, help with washing or going to the toilet and other forms of support. Most importantly, you will be there to offer companionship to your client. 

Working as a Live-in Carer can be tough, but it is also extremely rewarding. You will get all the support that you will need to start your career as a Live-in Carer with us. Every day is different when you provide live-in care for the elderly or vulnerable. You will enjoy the rewarding feeling that comes from making a real difference to some one’s lives with personalised and individual live-in care.

Introductory Care or Managed Care
You'll also receive a complimentary training package from our award-winning centre worth over £200, plus a £50 further education voucher to use in our training centre*.
*Training needs to be completed within 10 days, including a half-day practical training session. Training certificates received after 42 days’ worth of bookings.

Live In Carer Job Description

As a Live-in Carer, you will provide a full-time home care service for your client and support them with things such as washing, dressing and various aspects of personal care. You will meet clients who have varying degrees of dependency and care needs, which means you will be supporting them with a range of everyday activities. 

Some clients who may be experiencing memory loss or struggling with mobility can find the small tasks such as cooking and running the home increasingly difficult, so your role will be to take on these household chores to ensure the client feels safe, secure and confident in their own home.

Above all else, you will be offering your clients companionship and emotional support when they need it most. Simple things such as a quick chat over a cup of tea or sharing a laugh while they watch their favourite TV show can go a long way. For more information on our Live-in Care service visit our Live-in Care Page.

You’ll also receive a training package from our award-winning centre worth over £250*, this includes your induction training, which is a mix of virtual & face to face training. *Deposit required prior to training which is fully refundable after the completion of 14 days’ worth of bookings.

In addition to our training package Consultus can also offer:

  • We offer a guarantee of work for a minimum of 12 weeks and with such a flexible role, you can plan your work schedule to suit you;

  • You can expect to earn between £650-£1,064 per week;

  • We provide a free COVID-19 test at our clinic here in Tonbridge;

  • You can book subsidised overnight accommodation in one of our nearby comfortable carer houses during training and for short breaks between bookings;

  • You will be assigned a training mentor to support you during training and into your first booking and beyond;

  • You will be able to sign up to our online, social support community for carers, via a dedicated Consultus Platform;

  • We will offer a well-being support package for carers which includes emotional support;

  • Access to further education within the Consultus Training Centre.

Receive Constant Support

Here at Consultus, we understand that being a carer is highly rewarding but can also be challenging. Our Care Management Team is there to provide you with all the support you need to make things easier for you while you provide Live-in Care. Whether it is helping you to adjust to life as a Live-in Carer or helping you decide on the right training to help you process, our friendly team will help you provide the best care possible. 

What Are We Looking For?

Here at Consultus, we are looking for compassionate and respectful individuals who are motivated by helping and inspiring others to join our care team and become live-in care assistants. If you have patience, empathy, integrity and compassion for others, as well as being fit and healthy, then you might have what it takes to become a Live-in Carer. 

If you have previous experience and have worked as a professional care worker or support worker for another care agency then we would like to hear from you. If you lack professional experience but have cared for a family member or loved one then you should also apply. In addition, if you have had a career within another professional industry, such as teaching, but are interested in care work we can provide you with full training to begin your career as a Professional Live-in Carer. 

You can make a real difference to someone’s life by becoming a Live-in Carer. In our experience, Carers come from a variety of backgrounds from across the UK and overseas. If you are a self-starter with good communication skills and thrive working in different situations then you should join one of the UK’s leading care groups and start your career as a Live-in Carer today. 

Consultus welcomes carers from overseas who are interested in becoming live-in carers. Many of our carers come from France, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Australia and many more. 

In any one week, there are more than 600 carers looking after elderly and vulnerable people in their own homes throughout the UK. Working as a live-in carer is an excellent way to earn an income when visiting friends or family in the UK.

This week's Top Jobs

to apply please email and quote the initials​

URGENT: Managed Care Dept. Carer needed in Reigate, Surrey ASAP

LW – Daily rate £107

The Managed Care Department is seeking a carer for a 101-year-old lady in Reigate, Surrey who suffers from Dementia, a stroke, and heart problems. The client also suffers from short-term memory loss and anxiety. The lady needs assistance with all personal care from her bed, medication supervision, help with toileting and incontinence. The client doesn’t have any mobility and stays in her bed, there is no transferring needed, however, there needs to be 2-hourly turns in bed – there is a hospital bed and airflow mattress in situ. The lady enjoys the countryside and company.

The carer we are seeking needs to be experienced with end-of-life care. The carer needs to be patient, calm, understanding, and supportive. Other duties will include cleaning, cooking, shopping, and laundry. Please note this is a non-smoking booking and a driver is not necessary.

To apply please email and quote the initials seen above.

URGENT: Carer needed for placement in High Wincham, Cheshire ASAP

RK – Daily rate £102

The Care at Home team is seeking a carer for an 88-year-old lady in Wincham, Cheshire who suffers from dementia, fibrosis of the lungs, is prone to falls, some short-term memory loss, anxiety, and currently has her arm in a sling. The client requires assistance with washing and dressing, as well as medication supervision, and help with toileting. Although the lady is able to bear weight, help with general mobility may be needed. The client needs to be encouraged to eat small, nutritious, and tasty meals. The lady’s interests include the Salvation Army, current affairs, politics, music, gardening, and crafts.

The carer we are seeking ideally needs to be experienced with this type of care, be calm, patient, supportive, and encouraging. Other duties will also include cooking, shopping, housekeeping, and laundry. Please note this is a non-smoking and non-driving booking.

To apply please email and quote the initials seen above.

URGENT: Managed Care Dept. Carer needed for a placement in London ASAP

ED – Daily rate £102

The Managed Care Department is seeking a carer for a lady in Kensington, London who suffers from a fractured thigh, COPD, severe hearing impairment, a fractured knee cap, and is prone to falls. The client is bed-bound so all personal care needs to take place there including bathing and dressing, medication supervision, and assistance with toileting are also needed. The lady is unable to bear weight and has zero mobility at the moment, although this may change. The client likes soft foods and traditional homecooked meals. The lady enjoys using her iPad, looking at paintings, and talking about travel.

The Managed Carer we are seeking ideally needs to be experienced with this type of care, be calm, patient, supportive, and understanding. Other duties will also include light housekeeping, shopping, laundry, cooking, and cleaning. Please note this is a non-driving and non-smoking booking, however, a permit is available for carers with a car. 

To apply please email and quote the initials seen above.

URGENT: Carer needed for placement in Lyme Regis, Dorset ASAP

AT – Daily rate £102

The Client

Managed Carer required for a 90-year-old lady who is medically fit and well humoured but has Dementia. She needs prompting with personal care, help preparing meals, companionship, and going for drives (if the carer has a car) as a blue badge is available. The role also includes giving medication and some general tidying and clearing up is required, although the property is in the middle of a rebuild. The client lives with her daughter and there are 2 dogs in the house (1 belongs to the client, 1 belongs to the daughter). The client enjoys the TV, anything to do with the Royal Family, animals, music, and musicals.

The Carer

We are looking for a mature, calm, friendly, and energetic carer with a good sense of humour who is happy to support a lady who is physically fit, but whose memory is very poor. Ideally, a car owner who is happy to take the client out for short trips.

To apply please email and quote the initials seen above.

Working as a carer is immensely rewarding and here at Consultus, we have built up an incredible award-winning training centre, which exemplifies the very best in teaching standards and knowledge. Our outstanding award-winning trainers use their wealth of knowledge and experience to provide you with a valuable insight into caring; building confidence as you train in new areas.

If you are interested in a career as a Live-in Carer, we can provide you with all the training you will need to represent our brand and provide our clients with the highest standard in personalised Live-in Care. 

If you are interested in finding more information about the training courses we provide, visit our Training Courses Page

Our Live-in Carers receive our free award-winning training which is unmatched by other home care providers. We provide Induction Training for all of our Live-in Carers that includes a combination of online courses, videos, live virtual training sessions and a practical training session to cover all of the core skills needed to qualify as a Consultus Live-in Carer.

Where Are We Going

There are exciting times ahead with increased recruitment in our Head Office in Tonbridge, with the introduction of our employed model as well as our self-employed model. Client expansion across the United Kingdom and the development of our award-winning Consultus Care Training Centre. Our mission is to raise the profile of Live-in Carers, ensuring they are recognised for the truly wonderful work they do and in turn become empowered professionals.

Our aim is to get to know you as an individual and what motivates you day to day and create a role that is personalised to you. We will discuss your life skills and care experience, as well as your personality, interests and soft skills to ensure we match you with the right client.

Live In Nurse Jobs

Live In Care Jobs Frequently Asked Questions

As the job title would suggest, a Live-in Carer lives with their client in their home and provides a care service that supports them with everyday tasks such as cooking, cleaning, getting dressed and washing. Some clients are more independent than others and your work and tasks can vary depending on the client. 

With Consultus you can expect to earn between £650-£945 per week. You will also receive inclusive accommodation while on assignment and potentially travel expenses as agreed with your clients. 

We provide all of our Carers with full training and support while they are working as part of our care team. You can also access a selection of additional accreditations and training opportunities to advance your Live-in Care Career.

Yes, all of our Live-in Carers have their own room while they are on assignment. We ensure that it is suitable before assigning a Carer. 

All Carers have a face to face interview, at which we check all documentation, take professional references and process a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Enhanced Disclosure and DBS Adult First. All professional references are followed up with police checks from their country of origin.

Yes, many of our clients have favourite regular Carers and vice-versa. We try to arrange a rota of Carers wherever possible.

a Call

Consultus Winter Bonus Package and Prize Draw

As we all know, winter is coming, and we have a waiting list of over 300 hundred clients that are in desperate need of incredible Live-in Carers to provide outstanding care and companionship over the coming months. Therefore, we are proud to introduce our unrivalled Winter Bonus Package!
What is included and what are the terms and conditions of this Winter Bonus Package and Prize Draw?

  • Work between 1st November to 31st January including Christmas and New Year and earn from £8,500 – £13,000 in 12 weeks!
  • Within the Care sector, there are varying standards of training, however with Consultus you’ll receive our top accredited Skills for Care Centre of Excellence training 
  • Free accommodation whilst on practical training at one of three excellent Carer Houses
  • Entry into our Christmas Prize Draw where you can win a Red Letter Day worth £500
  • Entry into our 12 Days of Christmas Daily Prize Draw (when you work between 15th Dec – 5th Jan)
  • Support, discussion, friendship, and community via Ask A Carer, our peer-to-peer facility
  • Satisfaction and reassurance of working for an established family-run company that will be celebrating its 60th year in 2022!