Alzheimer's disease nursing

Douglas, an elderly gentleman diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, had already expressed a fervent desire to receive any care he might need at home in Lincolnshire.

Alzheimer’s is a degenerative condition, but its progress can be temporarily slowed if the circumstances are just right. In this case, full-time care was a necessity. We were approached by Douglas’s solicitor and asked to set up a rota of care. Establishing his current needs was an important first step.

We arranged for one of our Live-in Nurses with mental health nursing experience to begin the assignment and work with Douglas, his GP and the community psychiatric nurse to formulate an appropriate care plan. Once our nurse had stabilised Douglas in his home, she was able to hand over to one of our Live-in Carers. She then returned for two weeks in every six in order to monitor Douglas’s condition and be sure that he was receiving as much care as he needed.

As with many of our dementia patients, continuity of care was paramount to minimise confusion. With a small team of regular nurses and carers, Douglas flourished for many months. He had the encouragement he needed to be independent wherever possible and his social life resumed, with increased visits from friends and trips out.

Ultimately and inevitably, Douglas’s condition has deteriorated as the Alzheimer’s symptoms have taken hold. His personality has undergone some changes and his behaviour has become more aggressive and unpredictable. By monitoring Douglas’s condition closely, we identified exactly when we needed to alter his levels of care. Following consultation with his solicitor and medical professionals, we now provide Douglas with full-time Live-in Nursing, keeping him as stable as the condition allows in the comforting environment of his own home.

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