Consultus Care and Nursing

Consultus has been one of the leading providers of exceptional live-in carers and live-in nurses for over 50 years.

Our professional family-run business thrives on our founder the late Mrs Anne Stevens' vision “People feel better at home”

We offer people the freedom to choose. With enhanced independence, the tranquillity of home and no need to consign personal possessions, daily habits and personal pleasure to history, a Consultus live-in carer or nurse makes life more enjoyable.

We deliver a outstanding live-in carer and live-in nursing services which not only provide our clients with the relief, assistance and peace of mind that they need, but which also provides their families and friends with the highest levels of reassurance and support.

Up and down the country extraordinary people are making an extraordinary difference to otherwise vulnerable clients. Our carers are the eyes and ears, strength of body and mind, and the rock our clients can lean on. Through compassion and capability, empathy and hard work, our private personal carers and curses transform the day-to-day lives of our elderly and disabled clients and I value their contribution enormously.