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  • Terms and Conditions

    Consultus has very different Terms and Conditions (and accompanying guidance) for

    • The Live-in Carer introductory service
    • The Live-in Nursing service

    If you are interested in purchasing both services, or you have not yet decided which of the two services to book, please be sure to request information packs from both departments. The main differences between the two services are:

    Live-in Care

    Consultus acts as an introduction agency introducing carers who are directly employed by clients for an agreed period of time. The Client pays the carer and provide them with their daily instructions. Each carer works for a short period - usually for up to two weeks - and then hands over to a replacement in accordance with a booking schedule managed by Consultus. Carers are self-employed and handle their own tax and national insurance contributions. Consultus invoices clients solely for an introduction fee.

    Live-in Nursing

    Live-in Nurses are 'agency workers' who are supervised and paid by us. Consultus acts as a 'provider of care' and is responsible for developing a client care plan as well as managing the staff rota. Our invoice covers the entire cost of the service, including nurses' wages and all statutory contributions. The client or a responsible person must sign the nurse's timesheet at the end of the week. This confirms the nurse's working hours and your satisfaction with the service.

    Payment methods

    Clients can pay invoices by direct debit, for which a discount will be awarded (Live-in Care service only), by cheque or by most debit and credit cards.

    If you are in receipt of insurance funding or local authority direct payments, you should normally take receipt of funds from the relevant organisation and then pay our invoice in the normal way.


    The following notes are intended to summarise important extracts from our Terms of Business. They are not the Terms themselves.

    • Please read our Terms of Business carefully. Services are provided to you (the client or an authorised representative of the client) on the understanding that you understand and will comply fully with the terms
    • If after reading our Terms of Business and other guidance there is anything that remains unclear to you, or about which you have a concern, please clarify it with us before service begins
    • A copy of the Terms of Business should be signed by you and returned to us but failure or delay in doing so does not affect the applicability or enforceability of the Terms
    • Our Terms of Business, Policies and Procedures comply with all relevant legislation and regulations, including the Care Standards Act 2000; Employment Agencies Act 1973; and Conduct Regulations 2003; Data Protection Act 1998; and Health and Safety Act 1974
    • The direct engagement by you (or someone known to you) of a carer or nurse introduced by us may render you liable for a significant 'introduction fee' (please see our Terms of Business)
    • Additional fees may be levied for late or unreasonable amendments, postponements or cancellations of the service. You may also be liable for any expenses incurred by carers or nurses as a result of late changes to bookings
    • You must take reasonable steps to ensure the carer or nurse enjoys safe and healthy working and living conditions and provide private and comfortable sleeping quarters
    • The client may not charge any rent or fee to the carer or nurse in respect of accommodation, utilities (excluding telephone) and basic meals
    • Any rates and fees quoted to the client by Consultus are made in good faith based upon the information provided by the client. We reserve the right to alter our rates or charge additional fees or claim further expenses where relevant new information comes to light, for reasons including but not restricted to:
      1. the complexity of the client's care needs
      2. the number of hours to be worked by the carer or nurse
      3. the number of persons in the household using the services of the nurse or carer
      4. the frequency of occasions when the nurse or carer is woken at night.
    • A minimum fee for our services applies
    • Our Statement of Purpose and Complaints Procedure will be forwarded to clients at the start of the service. Further copies are available on request.

    For further information

    Call us on +44 (0)1732 355231.