In the event of a Nursing at Home Nurse testing positive for COVID-19 whilst in a client booking:

The Nursing at Home service of Consultus Care and Nursing Ltd. (Consultus) is based exclusively on the principle that Consultus has used all reasonable endeavours through its recruitment processes to ensure ‘Nurses’ are suitable for the Nursing role described by the Client or the client’s representative. If the Client accepts the ‘Nurse’, Consultus accepts both legal and practical responsibility for the satisfactory delivery of nursing services.  Consultus uses all reasonable endeavours to liaise with the Client to verify the care delivered is as expected, and if not, will introduce an alternative nurse if requested by the Client, where possible.

All Nurses are COVID tested with CE marked antibody kits yielding immediate results (within 15 minutes). Nurses who transfer from one client to another will be provided with an antibody kit 72 hours prior to arriving with their new Client, and importantly, Consultus confirm that at the time of making their Client bookings that the Nurse is free of Covid 19 symptoms, Consultus nurses confirm with our Clients or their representatives that the following disclaimer is true, to the best of their knowledge, within the last 14 days:

  • Nurses have not tested positive for COVID-19
  • Nurses are free of COVID-19 symptoms
  • Nurses have not knowingly been in contact with anyone who has COVID-19 symptoms or a confirmed positive COVID-19 test
  • Nurses are not awaiting the outcome of a COVID-19 test for themselves

The Policy: Despite all our procedures above, should the Nurse test positive for COVID-19 whilst in a booking with a Client, Consultus strongly suggests both parties follow the Consultus Nursing service COVID 19 Positive Test policy and procedure as outlined below : –

  • The Nurse informs the Client of the positive COVID-19 result

  • The Nurse informs Consultus on testing positive for COVD-19 and follows the latest UK Government guidance on COVID-19 self-isolation procedures.

  • The Client, and Client’s family and other household members who may have been in contact with the Nurses are advised to immediately book a Government PCR COVID -19 test.

  • If the Nurse has to remain in the Client’s household while arrangements are made for the Nurse to vacate the house, it is recommended that they self-isolate in a separate part of the house to minimise contact with the Client, family and other members of the household and thus reduce the risk of cross infection.

  • Consultus will make preparations for the Nurse to leave the booking as soon as possible and adhere to the mandatory self-isolation period in line with the UK Government’s current COVID-19 policy and procedures.

  • The Client’s family and associated support network will need to provide care for the Client directly or make alternative arrangements until a negative test result for the Client is given.

  • When the Client and any other members of the household have tested negative for COVID-19 (please supply test result by email) and the Client requests a replacement nurse, Consultus will organise for a suitable nurse to take over the booking as soon as possible.

  • Prior to this it is strongly recommended that the Client, family and / or other members of the household arrange a deep clean of the house and all other areas including the accommodation used by the Nurse.

  • Should the Client test positive for COVID-19 the family / Client’s support network are asked to make alternative care arrangements for their family member whilst in the self-isolation period of 10 days (or other period designated by the latest Government guidelines).

  • Should the Client test positive for COVID-19 and requests that the current Nurse who has also tested positive for COVID-19 continues to care for them in their home and the Nurse is well enough to care for the Client, both parties are plainly open to enter an extension to the existing agreement between them accordingly. This will be a discretionary agreement between both the Nurse and the Client and/or Client Representative where both parties will be reasonably expected to sign a disclaimer, or failing that will be deemed to have signed such a disclaimer, excluding Consultus from any liabilities which may be implied or construed as a result of this voluntary agreement between the Client and the Nurse.

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