Tip 1. Wrap up

As the temperature dips into the minus numbers its extremely important that elderly and venerable people are wrapped up for the cold when leaving the house. Avoid losing body heat by wearing a hat and gloves – and try to dress in several loose layers, as the air held between the layers will help to keep your body warm. Also, don’t forget to wear something waterproof in case of snow and of course, if it’s too cold, you could always just stay inside and catch up on your favorite TV series!

Tip 2. Stay warm inside and out

It’s not just about staying warm outside it is crucial that elderly people are keeping warm indoors too. The house temperature should be kept to at least 18°C, and it’s still important to dress in warm layers when sitting in the house. You can always throw a blanket over your legs when sat reading or watching the television, for extra warmth and well-being. Closing doors inside the house will also help to keep individual rooms warm.

Tip 3. Eat a nutritious diet

A balanced and nutritious diet is even more important during the winter months, when we all tend to be less active and more susceptible to colds. Regular hot meals will help to keep elderly loved ones’ energy up. Fruits and vegetables, along with fibre, are also important to include in the diet, to replace lost vitamins over the winter months.

Tip 4. Check in

If you have a loved one on their own this winter, be sure to check in on them with regular visits. As well as making sure they’re warm enough, it’s important they have regular human interaction. With the cold weather preventing them from getting out as much, elderly people living on their own can often feel an increased sense of loneliness and isolation. If you can’t always visit, you could arrange for a different family member or friend to phone each day of the week, so they get to have a good chat with the people they love the most and you can have peace of mind that they’re happy and safe.

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Consultus Winter Bonus Package and Prize Draw

As we all know, winter is coming, and we have a waiting list of over 300 hundred clients that are in desperate need of incredible Live-in Carers to provide outstanding care and companionship over the coming months. Therefore, we are proud to introduce our unrivalled Winter Bonus Package!
What is included and what are the terms and conditions of this Winter Bonus Package and Prize Draw?

  • Work between 1st November to 31st January including Christmas and New Year and earn from £8,500 – £13,000 in 12 weeks!
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