As a regular Air Cadet, Hayley Poole, who is the daughter of our Managed Care & Nursing Manager here at Consultus and her fellow cadets were invited to design a flag based on Victory in Europe Day, which we all know is marking its 75th Anniversary this year.

Having done research and with a basic design in mind, Hayley worked on her flag at home, which when complete was sent, along with designs from the other cadets, to Newton Newton Flags, a British flag manufacture.  Hayley was Informed that her design had been chosen from all the others and would be printed onto a flag, to be sold to the general public in time for VE 75 Day.  She was ecstatic!

When Hayley set out she decided that her design would not just feature Britain, but also all the countries that had worked to bring about victory and peace in Europe.  She also added silhouettes of soldiers at the base, including American soldiers, who had played a prominent role.  “When looking back at VE day, it really shows how teamwork and faith is key to success”, says Hayley and she likens it with our present battle against Covid-19 in that “our key workers are our soldiers on the front-line, fighting this battle to keep us all safe, just as the soldiers 75 years ago.”

Watch the grand unveiling of Hayley’s flag at Consultus Head Office on the eve of VE Day:

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Consultus Winter Bonus Package and Prize Draw

As we all know, winter is coming, and we have a waiting list of over 300 hundred clients that are in desperate need of incredible Live-in Carers to provide outstanding care and companionship over the coming months. Therefore, we are proud to introduce our unrivalled Winter Bonus Package!
What is included and what are the terms and conditions of this Winter Bonus Package and Prize Draw?

  • Work between 1st November to 31st January including Christmas and New Year and earn from £8,500 – £13,000 in 12 weeks!
  • Within the Care sector, there are varying standards of training, however with Consultus you’ll receive our top accredited Skills for Care Centre of Excellence training 
  • Free accommodation whilst on practical training at one of three excellent Carer Houses
  • Entry into our Christmas Prize Draw where you can win a Red Letter Day worth £500
  • Entry into our 12 Days of Christmas Daily Prize Draw (when you work between 15th Dec – 5th Jan)
  • Support, discussion, friendship, and community via Ask A Carer, our peer-to-peer facility
  • Satisfaction and reassurance of working for an established family-run company that will be celebrating its 60th year in 2022!