Are you living in a city that will give you the very best your retirement can offer? Whether you want to spend your retirement hiking, gardening, trying a new hobby or making new friends, it’s good to know that the place you live in will provide these opportunities for you. This new study by Consultus Care reveals which UK cities are the very best ones to live in for your retirement. 

To calculate this, we have calculated which of the UK’s cities offer the best opportunities for retired citizens in terms of their liveability factors, health and fitness opportunities, choice of entertainment and their general amenities. The results are below!

The Top 5 UK Cities to Retire In:

1. Sunderland, North East of England

The northern port city of Sunderland came out on top as the number one UK city to live in during your retirement. Our study showed that Sunderland outshines the rest when it comes to its choice of amenities for its residents; Sunderland has the highest number of leisure centres, public libraries and churches per capita out of any UK city. It also has the highest number of senior citizens per capita, so is a great place to meet people and make new friends. On top of all this, the city offers affordable housing and care home costs, making it the best all round city in terms of both activities and affordability.

2. Bournemouth, South West of England

Our study showed that Bournemouth is in the closest proximity to the sea, making it perfect for walks in the natural scenery and weekends spent at Bournemouth Pier. Bournemouth also scored highly across all the amenities (parks, public libraries, supermarkets and churches) so has a wide variety of useful facilities. 

As well as being so close to the sea, Bournemouth also has a high number of golf courses and leisure centres so is perfect for those who love their sport and fitness! There are a high number of senior residents who reside in this city, so you’ll have plenty of like-minded people to enjoy your time with no matter how you choose to spend your retirement. 

3. Derby, East Midlands of England

Derby scored highly for its health and fitness facilities and selection of entertainment and amenities. In particular, it received a high score for its high number of bowls clubs and garden centres. Our study also showed that Derby has some of the best weather out of all UK cities! Rest assured, if you choose to retire in Derby, it will offer everything you need for a great retirement and more.

4. Newcastle upon Tyne, North East of England

Although Newcatle upon Tyne has less than ideal weather conditions, it makes up for this in its varied range of activities and entertainment. Our study showed that out of all the UK, Newcastle is the city with the best entertainment options for retired citizens, with a very high selection of cafes and pubs, bingo halls and cinemas. It also has the highest quality of healthcare out of all UK cities.  

5. Liverpool, North West of England

Liverpool is the biggest city in the top 5 results of our study, which might be why it has a lower number of senior citizens residing there. This should not put you off however, as our study shows that Liverpool is a great all-round city to spend a retirement. With great weather and being very close to the sea, you can expect to spend lots of time outdoors enjoying all the city has to offer. 

Liverpool is also an affordable place to live, especially in terms of housing and care home cost. This city also scored really well for its health and fitness opportunities; it has the second best healthcare out of all UK cities and has a high number of leisure centres and golf courses. 


To determine which UK city is the best to live in for a fulfilling retirement, we judged each city against a set of ranking factors in the following categories: 

  • Livability factors (climate, crime rate, number of senior residents, average house price and average care home price)

  • Health and Fitness (quality of healthcare, number of leisure centres, golf courses, hiking routes and the proximity to the sea of each city)

  • Entertainment (number of cinemas, cafes and pubs, bingo halls, bowls clubs and garden centres)

  • Amenities (number of parks, public libraries, supermarkets and churches)

Against each of the 19 ranking factors, the city was awarded between 1 and 30 points. These were then added up to provide a total for a category and an overall total to determine a winner. For certain ranking factors (eg. number of cinemas and cafes), we calculated the results per capita to ensure a fair result based on the size of the city.


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