peter seldon,
gives a voice
to our live-in
carers & nuses

It has certainly been testing times for everyone over the past year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and we are immensely proud and grateful to all of our frontline care workers who have gone above and beyond to keep our wonderful clients safe.

Since the pandemic began, we have been doing everything we can to support our live-in carers where the government has failed. From a lack of PPE, to a lack of testing, and more recently, the lack of prioritsation for the vaccination jab.

Finally, though we welcomed the news that the The National Booking System is now open for home care workers in England. But for those working in Scotland and Wales, there is still a lack of clarity and uncertainty around receiving the vaccination, we are trying our best to get answers for our heroic carers and for them to rightly be prioritised.

There have been further challenges for our overseas carers. Indeed, Peter Seldon, our CEO, was interviewed by ITV News Meridian after expressing his frustration with the government’s latest quarantine scheme. The scheme requires many overseas care workers to pay an
unaffordable sum of
£1750 on arrival to the UK. While we all understand the need for quarantine restrictions, there should be a safe and practical quarantine process for overseas care workers who are already trained and competent to make an immediate difference without being charged to do so.

Peter explains, “250,000 jobs in adult social care are recorded being held by people with a non-British nationality, so why is the Government barring entry to our overseas carers on whom the UK heavily depends? We employ hundreds of incredible overseas carers who are now unable to attend their client placements due to quarantine costs. This leaves the sector with an even greater shortage of carers to the already huge absence rates, as described by the Government in it’s latest social care recruitment campaign. It’s time for the Government to get its priorities in line and live up to its stated intention of doing everything it can to support the sector.”

Thank you Peter for continuing to campaign for better initiatives for our wonderful live-in carers.

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