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The cost of a single prescription in england has risen from £7.65 in 2012-13 to £9.3 in 2021-22, including an increase of 20p from 2020-21


However, the government had indicated in March that prescription charges in England, which are reviewed annually, would not be increased this year and Sunday’s announcement confirms that move.

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) said the freeze meant prescription charges would not increase until at least April 2023 and would save patients who pay prescription charges in England £17m.

The freeze also applies to the £30.25 for a three month prescription prepayment certificate (PPC), and the 12-month charge, which can be paid in instalments, will stay at £108.10.

“The rise in the cost of living has been unavoidable as we face global challenges and the repercussions of Putin’s illegal war in Ukraine,” Mr Javid said.

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