Had it not been for a couple of Bob King’s friends persuading him to record the detail of what happened to him during WW2, he would not be able to share his experiences.  Thankfully, he took their advice and did just that.

This intriguing story tells of Bob’s capture on the Greek island of Leros; his attempts to send signals in Morse; his transfer to Piraeus and other POW camps and his life and that of other POWs up to April 1945.

Bob makes clear from the outset that he was a POW for only 17 months, which apparently was not a long time, with most incarcerated for much longer.  He pays tribute to those who died, including 15 officers from his own Regiment, some of whom were friends.  His humbling account of what he and others experienced during their imprisonment shows how they just kept focusing on whatever they were interested in until they became free men again, setting out to rebuild their lives, whilst not forgetting what happened, especially those who did not return.

Bob’s fascinating story is really well worth reading.  To read in full, please click here.

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