Far from coasting gently towards retirement, more people than ever are starting a new career in their 50s. If you’re considering a change, Live-in Care could be a perfect fit for you. Here’s our guide to maximising your skills , experience and how Consultus Care and Nursing can make your career transition into live-in care easy.

Consultus Care and Nursing is offering you a tremendous opportunity to start a new career in live-in care. With  flexible hours, great rates of pay, and work that is both rewarding and can fit around your lifestyle. No need to worry if you don’t have experience in care, as you will be provided with all the training, plus you can get professional industry recognised qualifications.

From October 2020, the State Pension age for men and women will rise to 66 as the government faces the reality of an ageing population. Far from the twilight years, you could easily be embracing another decade or two at work. In fact, in the last five years more than a million people aged 50 and over have re-joined the workforce.

It may be that you’ve been made redundant, or perhaps your children have left home, or that you just need a fresh start.  Whatever the reason, Consultus can offer you the opportunity to restart your career.

Furthermore, Live-in Care is one market that is growing, in stark contrast to some sectors like retail which are shedding thousands of jobs. According to the office for National Statistics, 18% of the population are aged 65 or over and 2.4% are aged 85, which means the UK’s care industry is big business.

“A career in live-in care doesn’t discriminate on age, qualifications or background; although it’s useful to have previous experience in a caring role, it isn’t vital as we are always on the lookout for people who have a caring nature, practical life skills and a positive approach” Says Tara Gunn, Care at Home Manager.

Why are the over 50s changing careers?

Over-stressed, divorce, empty nest, boredom at work, redundancy or simply an urge to learn new skills: There are plenty of reasons for wanting to change career in your 50s but for many it’s about fulfilment. Live-in care can offer job satisfaction “I craved one thing above all when I decided to leave my job as financial adviser, the luxury of being useful and making a difference to someone else’s life, becoming a live-in care has given me a new path” says Sarah.  
Live-in care is one sector that embraces age and life knowledge.  At Consultus we are looking for people with life experience, as these soft skills are invaluable when caring for older, vulnerable people in their own homes.

“Age brings the benefit of experience which we can draw on, so don’t apologise for your age or lack of recent or relevant experience we will provide all the training you need” Susan Antenbring, Training Manager

Consultus Training Centre is one of a few Skills for Care Centres of Excellence which will guarantee you quality, professional training.

Consultus is one of the UK’s longest established live-in care Agencies.  An industry leader with an award-winning Skills for Care Training Centre, which means if you choose to train with us you will have access to experts to set your career off on right track.    

Retraining can be an excellent way to reaffirm your usefulness and introduce you to talents you never knew you had.

“I was over 50, with grown children and wanted to do something that was fulfilling, I was over the moon when Consultus invited me to an interview. They made my career transition as a live-in carer so simple, the training was fantastic and now I am in my 4th booking and loving my new career.”  Tracy, Live-in Carer

A Change is as Good as a Break

With plenty of support and opportunities for a career change at 50, it’s a good time to take the plunge. Remember your maturity makes you a valuable and reliable candidate; age is not a dirty word at Consultus.  If you are ready to change your life, get in contact and Consultus will help make your new career into live-in care simple.

For more information on how to make your Live-in care career transition call us on 01732 355 231 or find out more information about the role here>

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