There’s no age limit on becoming a social media star, as the elderly generation of Instagram are currently proving. In the past year, the ‘granfluencer’ has come onto the scene – which is a new demographic of influencers who could be your Grandma or Grandpa. Some elderly influencers such as Pauline and Geoffrey Walker post the kind of adorable content you would expect your Grandma to post such as pics of their garden and knitting projects whilst other ‘Grandfluencers’ are defying the stereotypes. Joan MacDonald from @trainwithjoan is a 74 year old athlete with an account dedicated to sharing her inspiring fitness routine and there are also Granfluencers such as @iconaccidental who specialise in fashion content and have an instagram feed most 18 year olds would die for.

At Consultus Care, we wanted to know which senior influencers are the most popular on Instagram. To calculate this, we analysed Instagram data to find the most followed senior influencers. Based on the number of followers for each influencer, we were also able to calculate the average earnings for each post. Our calculations show that the most popular senior influencer on Instagram earns an incredible £4,953 – £8,255 per post on average! See below for the rest of the results.


To calculate which senior influencers are the most popular on Instagram, we built a list of 50 high-profile influencers over the age of 55 based on research and the ‘similar accounts’ suggestions from Instagram and recorded the number of followers for each account. We then used the Influencer Marketing Hub Instagram Influencer Earnings Calculator to find the estimated earnings for each post. We also converted the results from US dollars into UK pounds.

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