Consultus is supporting The Veritas Foundation, and as well as a generous financial donation of £10,000 from the company, we have organised a collection of items desperately needed on the ground.



“The Veritas Foundation assists in the relocation of refugees. We transport families from the border to all corners of Lower Silesia and organize transfers on an as-needed basis.


Aside from that, our Foundation offers psychological support to refugees who arrive in Wroclaw, Poland. Those who are interested are directed to psychologists who work with us as volunteers.


One of our projects is to prepare a shelter for refugees. We want this to be a place, where they can relax and feel at ease. The house will be able to accommodate approximately 20 people at a time, who will be supported through the process of finding a new place to live as well as any material and informational assistance we can provide during their stay.”

The Veritas Foundation has also organised a collection of the most essential items for refugees fleeing the war in our office in Wroclaw. Clothing, educational supplies for children, food, and healthcare equipment are just a few examples.

Consultus Care and Nursing have also kindly agreed to arrange transportation of the items collected to be sent to Hampshire, from there they will be sent to Poland. We will be continuing to support refugees arriving from Ukraine through further monetary donations among the staff and hope you will join us.

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