Art Therapy with clients

We love hearing from our carers about the fun and interactive ways in which they engage with their clients. This month, the lovely Vivienne has told us how art therapy has been an excellent activity for all those involved.


“One guides them accordingly during the process of creating an artwork i.e. as in making collages, the client loves the interaction with the carer and they feel as if they are being “useful” in helping select the right sort of image from the magazine, etc., then if they are able to,  cutting it out and together we discuss how and where we will place it on the card/paper with glue. The final result is then laminated thereby creating a durable, usable functional piece of artwork such as a placemat or coaster.

I have a particular client who talks with glee daily about her “beautiful” placemat that she uses, although I do have to remind her every time that “she” created it. This reminder is further reinforced by her name which I sign somewhere on the artwork.

The same applies to other items we create together such as the painted lids for receptacles, painted pebbles etc., when the artwork is completed the client/service user has a great sense of satisfaction in knowing or by one reminding them of their help in creating a beautiful item. They seem to really enjoy the intimate connection with the carer in working together on all this.


I find this art therapy really gives the client joy, and a sense of calmness (I usually have their favorite type of music playing softly in the background too) and it is an all round satisfying experience which has been constructive in more ways than one and passes the time of the day very pleasantly too.


The process must never become too overwhelming for them. If one notes they are becoming agitated/tired we stop and just carry on the next day, but each session is begun with gusto and enjoyment!



This time in art therapy is about being content, creative and ultimately constructive i.e. usually producing a piece that is practical or useful in one way or the other!

I truly love seeing the pleasure the client gets from all this!”


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Consultus Winter Bonus Package and Prize Draw

As we all know, winter is coming, and we have a waiting list of over 300 hundred clients that are in desperate need of incredible Live-in Carers to provide outstanding care and companionship over the coming months. Therefore, we are proud to introduce our unrivalled Winter Bonus Package!
What is included and what are the terms and conditions of this Winter Bonus Package and Prize Draw?

  • Work between 1st November to 31st January including Christmas and New Year and earn from £8,500 – £13,000 in 12 weeks!
  • Within the Care sector, there are varying standards of training, however with Consultus you’ll receive our top accredited Skills for Care Centre of Excellence training 
  • Free accommodation whilst on practical training at one of three excellent Carer Houses
  • Entry into our Christmas Prize Draw where you can win a Red Letter Day worth £500
  • Entry into our 12 Days of Christmas Daily Prize Draw (when you work between 15th Dec – 5th Jan)
  • Support, discussion, friendship, and community via Ask A Carer, our peer-to-peer facility
  • Satisfaction and reassurance of working for an established family-run company that will be celebrating its 60th year in 2022!