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Live In Post-surgical & Rehabilitation Nursing Care

Here at Consultus, we strive to create a rehabilitation setting in your own home that meets your needs. Having a nurse providing care in your home can help prevent any postoperative complications and infections thanks to their expertise and high level of training. In addition, it can also help reduce the likelihood of readmission with professional nursing care by your side.

Our rehabilitation nurses have the knowledge and experience to provide patient care for those recovering from all types of surgery, including general, gynaecological, and cardiac surgery. As well as those recovering from a brain injury or spinal cord injury, assist with stroke rehabilitation and help those suffering from a chronic illness. 

Our live-in nurses will work closely with other healthcare professionals, such as physiotherapists, as part of a multidisciplinary team to create a personalised rehabilitation Care Plan that provides you with the right level of nursing support to suit your needs. As a result, our clients benefit from highly qualified nurses with the relevant experience to provide the right package of nursing support needed. 

In addition, our team will take the time to carefully match the experience and specific skill sets of our Registered Nurses with your needs and requirements to ensure you will be receiving the highest level of care. All Consultus Nurses have undergone the strictest selection procedure and hold the required qualifications, verified by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), as well as yearly DBS checks.

Our Nursing at Home service is regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Our latest report, which states we are a good care provider, can be found here.

How Live-In Rehabilitation Nursing Can Help

Home nursing after surgery can help to prevent postoperative complications and infections and reduce the likelihood of being readmitted to a hospital. Our rehabilitation home care service can include physiotherapy exercises, wound care, stoma care and the administration of medication and aims to promote self-care at a pace that suits you and your recovery.

In addition to improved health outcomes and recovery rates, being cared for by a live-in nurse in the comfort of your own home enables you to enjoy the familiarity of your house, pets, local friends and family. Home care can also be more affordable than extended stays in a nursing home.

In a home care environment, clients also benefit from a bespoke care plan, giving them the freedom to make choices about their daily routine and lifestyle while receiving support for any impairment they may have. 

Our Live-In Rehabilitation Nursing Programme Includes:

  • Assistance and planning of Physio regimes – Our nurses will work closely with supporting physiotherapists and support physiotherapy exercises to strengthen muscles, relieve pain and promote mobility

  • Wound care – assessment, monitoring & management of wounds and pressure ulcers in conjunction with supporting healthcare professionals to promote healing and prevent infection

  • Stoma care – advice on diet and encourage good fluid intake, help the client adjust to life with a new stoma and give them the confidence to care for their new stoma, observe for infection and ensure surrounding skin is kept free from irritation and identify and help prevent complications

  • Administration of medication – nurses are able to monitor clients and liaise with medical teams and GPs to ensure the client’s symptoms are managed effectively allowing the client to achieve as much independence and mobility as possible

Furthermore, our private nurses can provide support with household chores, cooking and help with other activities of daily living, enabling clients to rest and recover at their own pace and improving quality of life, and providing reassurance to friends and family that they are being fully cared for. 

Live-in nurses also act as professional, 24/7 caregivers, again giving clients and their loved ones reassurance that help is there for them whenever needed. An additional layer of support is provided by our Nurse Coordinators who oversee all placements and are an experienced point of contact for both clients and their nurses.

Enquire About Your Live-In Rehabilitation Nursing Needs

Here at Consultus, we have helped many families look after their loved ones in the security and comfort of their cherished homes with our high-quality home nursing care services. Our rehab nurses can provide a tailored Care Plan for you or a loved one that suits their individual requirements, to promote self-care at a pace that suits you and your recovery.

If you require long-term care to help cope with a chronic illness, our nurses are here to help. Each situation is different but we are confident, whatever your requirements, we can help you. Benefit from the flexibility and independence that a live-in nurse and bespoke Care Plan from Consultus provides. 

For more information on our live-in rehabilitation service or to arrange live-in rehabilitation nursing for yourself or a loved one, get in touch with our Nurse Coordinators by phone on 01732 770403 or by email at email

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