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  • Post Surgery Nursing
  • Post-surgery nursing

    Recover from surgery in the comfort of your own home with a professional and experienced Live-in Nurse. A Live-in Nurse can often mean an early release from hospital and reduces the likelihood of readmission.

    Home nursing helps to prevent post-operative complications and infections. Consultus Nurses coordinate with all healthcare professionals involved in your post-operative care to put together just the right package of nursing support – 24 hours a day.

    Our nurses will assist your rehabilitation including;

    • wound care
    • stoma care
    • medication
    • nutrition
    • personal care
    • promoting continence
    • mobility
    • physiotherapy exercises
    • procuring specialist equipment
    • rehabilitation
    • prevention of post-operative complications and infection
    • promoting independence
    • reassurance and encouragement.

  • Our two Nurses were Ann Wells and Dorothea Hohnstedt. Ann arrived when we were at breaking point desperately needing help. The difference she made from her immediate arrival was quite simply life changing mostly for my father. Dorothea followed Ann’s 2 weeks which we were trepidacious about as the 2 weeks previously had been so much calmer for us all as Ann fitted in so well. We needn't have worried as Dorothea was wonderful too.

    Both nurses would come very highly recommended by us all.
  • Our Nurse will ideally meet with you prior to your discharge home and receive a full handover from the nursing team that has been caring for you. You can then travel home together, if appropriate.