Live-in Nursing Costs

The benefits of having a live-in nurse are priceless, giving you complete peace of mind that a registered healthcare professional is on-site 24/7 and able to meet your needs without delay.

At Consultus, we believe that people are much happier being nursed within the comfort of their own home. The professional support and reassurance that a private live-in nurse provides is invaluable to clients and their families. Our highly skilled nurses care for clients with a range of medical conditions, including post-surgical and rehabilitation carerespite care and palliative care (end of life nursing). We take the time to carefully match our nurses’ specific skill sets to your requirements. Clients therefore benefit from highly qualified clinicians with relevant experience.

A live-in nurse means clients can:

  • Remain in the familiar surroundings of their own home, providing continuity and inspiring confidence. We all love something about our home, whether it’s the photos and the memories they inspire, the garden we’ve worked in, or our beloved pets. The comfort that remaining in this environment provides is so important to anyone suffering, or recovering, from a severe medical condition. This is particularly the case for our more elderly clients with disorientating illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia
  • Enjoy companionship and emotional support. Those in need of nursing can find themselves isolated from daily life, especially if they move out of their house into a care home. With the support of a live-in nurse, our clients can remain in their own homes, build new bonds with their private nurses and remain within their local support network

Clients receive ‘one-to-one’ dedicated ‘in home’ nursing, 24 hours a day including:

  • 24/7 professional nursing, providing reassurance to clients and their families throughout the day and night. Our nurses have specialist skill sets, enabling them to comprehensively care for clients with a range of conditions and requirements, ensuring both physical and emotional wellbeing
  • In addition to directly supporting your healthcare needs, our nurses will also help with cooking and light housework, enabling your daily routine to continue as usual. This can be a great support to clients, who will be safe in the knowledge that their private nurse will care for all their personal needs
  • The support of our Nurse Coordinators; office-based, experienced and Registered Nurses, who are always on hand to provide expert help and advice. Together with our live-in nurses they work closely with families, GPs, District Nurses and other healthcare professionals to provide a coordinated, holistic package of care for our clients

Consultus live-in nurse options:

Our minimum booking for a nurse is four days and up to two weeks at a time. If nursing is needed beyond that, we’ll happily organise a replacement nurse to maintain continuity of your care. Our nurses work a 12-hour day with a two-hour break, but you have the reassurance that the nurse is always physically present beyond these hours and through the night if needed.

We believe our fees are very competitive and there are no additional charges, except where the nurse needs to work beyond his or her agreed hours, and then only on an hourly basis.

Financial support is possible through NHS Continuing Healthcare, if your needs are high enough to qualify. It means the NHS will pay for all your care costs, even if you want to remain in your own home. This form of funding is not means tested and will involve you being assessed by the NHS across a variety of healthcare domains. In practice, many applicants find they are declined for NHS funding, but where nursing care is required, this is usually a good indicator that your needs may be high enough to qualify. If you’re in hospital, the nurses can help with this, or following discharge home, you should contact your GP instead.

Consultus Live-in Nurse fees:

  • Our rates are based on a fixed weekly charge or pro-rata per day with a minimum of four days booking
  • Nurses work a 10-hour day, typically between 8am to 8pm, and 8pm to 8am, but these depend on your personal requirements

Our Nurse Coordinators will be happy to discuss your needs and create a bespoke service for you and your individual requirements. Each situation is different and we want to work with you to provide the best live-in nursing experience we can.

Please call us today on 01732 770 403 and talk with one of our experienced and professional Nurse Coordinators.

Impartial and independent advice can be obtained by reading the Care Funding Guide.

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