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    • Live-in Nursing FAQs

      General questions about Live-in Nursing

      • What is Live-in Nursing?
        • Live-in Nursing is the provision of 24/7 nursing care to clients in their own homes. Only registered and experienced nurses are employed as Live-in Nurses.

          Our nursing management team recruits experienced registered nurses to provide one-to-one medical care for private clients. They’ll also help with household chores such as shopping, cooking and light housework. Our clients choose a private Live-in Nurse in preference to prolonged hospital stays, private nursing homes and hospices because of the dedicated, unhurried medical care they receive within the privacy, safety and familiarity of their own home.

      • How long can I book a nurse for?
      • Can you provide visiting nurses for one hour each day?
        • We’re a specialist in Live-in Nursing; 24/7 private nursing where the nurse lives with the client for a minimum of 4 days. Our nurses are also in high demand and travel all around the country, so availability for such short periods would unfortunately be impossible.

      • What do your private nurses do?
        • Our nurses help clients with all levels of personal care and emotional support, as well as a wide range of general and specialist nursing assistance, such as administering medicine (including controlled drugs), tracheostomy care and suctioning, PEG feeds, wound dressings and stoma care. Other tasks may include driving, shopping, cooking and light housework.

          They’re all used to liaising closely with other healthcare professionals and family members to establish and maintain a medical care plan. In those cases where a client is hospitalized, we arrange for our nurse to attend the hospital before discharge so they can receive a thorough handover from the medical team, which facilitates continuity of care and reduces stress and worry for the client and their family.

      • What if the client requires nursing care during the day and night?
        • If a client only needs assistance once or twice a night for short periods, then the day nurse can provide this at an agreed overtime rate. However, if a day nurse is regularly woken more than twice a night, then it’s likely that additional assistance is needed.

          If a client needs continuous care during the night then two nurses can be supplied, one on day and one on night duty.

      • What facilities do we need to provide for the nurse?
        • You’ll need to provide our nurses with a private room, access to essential household amenities, and their meals – to be taken with the client where appropriate. In those cases where two nurses are required to live in because of complicated medical needs, then they’ll both need a separate private room, or one bedroom in the client’s home and a second room in a nearby relative’s home.

      • If a client already has a district nurse and/or MacMillan nurses visiting on a regular basis, is a Live-in Nurse necessary?
        • It’s possible that visiting nurses simply cannot meet a client’s needs.

          • Local nurses tend to vary on a daily basis and are available for limited visiting times only, whereas a Live-in Nurse provides friendly, skilful and ever-present care on a continuous basis. This means consistency and an increased feeling of security. This is invaluable to people who are intensely private, who have trouble remembering, or who become distressed at seeing a succession of different faces. Our nurses are also used to working with the local primary care team so create a 24-hour care plan that improves quality of life.
          • If there’s an emergency after the local nurse leaves, the advantage of a Live-in Nurse is the instant practical help and emotional support and immediate communication with the emergency services.
          • A Live-in Nurse also assists with lots of household chores, which allows family members and friends to spend more quality time with the client, rather than helping around the house.
      • What happens if your nurse goes sick or has to leave the client's home suddenly?
        • Our aim is always to provide continuity of nursing care without interruption. In unforeseen circumstances, our Nurse Co-ordinators will replace the outgoing nurse with as little delay as possible – never leaving the client without medical care.

      • What happens if we book a nurse but need to cancel shortly before she arrives or during the assignment?
        • By the time the nurse arrives at the client’s home, our nursing management team will have put in many hours of preparatory work. At the same time, our nurse will have committed herself to a booking which typically lasts for 14 days or more.

          For these reasons, we do charge a deposit which is equivalent to four day fees. In the event of a cancellation before the booking starts, this is non-refundable. However if the booking goes ahead, this is simply deducted from the first invoice.

      • Can we postpone the start of nursing care or interrupt the service for a short time?
        • We know from long experience that delays to hospital discharge can force postponements to confirmed bookings, which can mean delaying our nurse's arrival. Similarly, you may need to request a break in service because of a temporary hospital admission. In these instances, to avoid the break-up of an established rota, we try to arrange for the nurse to remain on paid standby.

      • What if I have a complaint?
        • We’re happy to say that this would be extremely unusual. We have a stringent recruitment process, recruit only nurses of the highest calibre, and take real pride in matching the expertise of each nurse to the individual clients’ precise requirements of individual clients.

          However, if you do find cause for complaint, please contact our Nursing Manager on 01732 355231. Alternatively, you can send a written complaint to her at our head office.

          We guarantee that the matter will be quickly and thoroughly dealt with. A summary of our complaints procedure can be found in our Guide to Live-in Nursing Services.


      Questions about our nurses

      • What professional checks do you make on your nurses?
        • All Consultus Nurses have undergone the strictest selection procedure, culminating in a two-hour face-to-face interview. We check that they have:

          • their qualifications and documentation verified by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)
          • a minimum of three years’ post-registration experience and are RN1-qualified
          • two professional references that comment on their clinical skills and competencies
          • a Disclosure and Barring Service Enhanced Disclosure
          • evidence of their ongoing Post-Registration Education and Practice (PREP).
      • What hours do Live-in Nurses work?
        • Our nurses stay with each client for the duration of the assignment, typically up to two weeks on rotation. They work seven days a week and twelve hours a day, including a daily two-hour break, the timing of which is flexible and is agreed between the client and nurse. They will also work overtime at a slightly enhanced rate, and are on hand for any night calls.

      • What happens if a client doesn’t get on well with the nurse?
        • Thankfully, this is extremely rare. Our Nurse Co-ordinators carefully match clients with nurses based on that client’s specific needs. If there were to be a clash of personalities, you can rest assured that we would handle the situation with the utmost diplomacy, replacing the nurse as swiftly as possible and with minimal disruption to the client.

          The nurse we choose will always make telephone contact beforehand, to introduce themselves and to confirm travel arrangements. Sadly, because assignments take place all over the UK, it isn’t possible to arrange a face-to-face meeting with clients before a booking begins.


      Financial questions about 24/7 private nursing

      • How much does Live-in Nursing cost?
        • We believe we provide not just the best, but the most cost-effective Live-in Nursing service in the UK.

          The daily cost of Live-in Nursing tailored to a client’s precise requirements starts at £388.71 for a ten-hour day. For this, the nurse will provide the client with specialist medical support in the privacy and comfort of their own home. They’ll also liaise with other healthcare professionals and be on call twenty-four hours each day, which is extremely important for a client's health and the family's peace of mind. As well as all nursing requirements, they also help out with shopping, cooking and light housework.

          There are lots of financing options and even state benefit schemes to help people enjoy ongoing 24/7 nursing care in the familiar surroundings of their own home. You can read more about those options here.

      • Is there any financial assistance available to pay for Live-in Nursing?
        • We’ve published a useful guide to funding options for a Live-in Nurse or Carer, available as a free download here.

      • We have a set budget and can only afford for your nurse to work a limited number of hours. How will this work?
        • Our Live-in Nurses are contracted to work for ten hours a day, seven days a week for the duration of their booking, excluding handover days, which will be shorter. There is no day off during a stay with a client.

          When you speak with our Nurse Co-ordinators, we’ll discuss the likely hours of work in depth to ensure that any overtime is kept to a minimum.

      • Can we spread the cost of the service between two bill payers?
        • Absolutely – we do like to make home nursing as affordable as possible. If payment needs be met by two people or organisations, we’d simply raise two timesheets and two invoices. It’s then up to you and the second party to decide who pays what proportion of costs. Our only caveat is that we and our nurse should ideally have just one point of contact for clinical matters, time sheets and local supervision.