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  • Palliative Nursing Care
  • Palliative (end-of-life) nursing

    Our experienced Live-in Nurses provide terminally ill clients with high-quality palliative nursing at home, reacting immediately to their needs.

    Admission to hospital or a hospice isn’t the inevitable outcome of a life-threatening condition. Live-in Nursing offers calm, compassionate support at a difficult time.

    By staying with the client in their own home, Consultus Nurses will:

    • ensure that their client's dignity and self-respect are maintained at all times
    • provide personalised care plans tailored to client's needs, preferences and choices
    • provide their client with relief from pain and other distressing symptoms
    • offer compassionate continuity of care
    • integrate the social, psychological and spiritual aspects of their client's care into daily life
    • liaise closely with healthcare professionals to ensure the best support systems are in place
    • enable their client to lead as active a life as possible
    • promote their client's independence, wherever feasible
    • offer a dependable support system to help families cope throughout the client's illness and during their bereavement.
  • MR has brought calm and efficiency into the household and is a definite asset. Thank you very much. His nursing is kind and experienced and much appreciated. 9/8/2017