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  • Live-in Nursing costs
  • Live-in Nursing costs

    With various funding options available, Live-in Nursing is more affordable than you may think


    Private nursing costs

    We know from talking with hundreds of families over the years that most people believe that having a private nurse at home would be prohibitively expensive. There’s a tangible sense of relief when they discover the truth about Live-in Nursing costs, not least because we provide perhaps the most cost-effective 24-hour home nursing service in the UK.

    There are a number of sometimes complicated factors, so your best first step is always to have a detailed chat with one of our Nurse Co-ordinators. There’s no obligation, no pressure and complete discretion is assured.

    Funding options for Live-in Nursing

    We have published a funding guide which explains how you can free up some of the money tied up in your own home while you still continue to live there and this is available as a free download. There are of course other funding options available; let us know if you would like further information or, if you would like a personal financial assessment, we can arrange for an IFA to contact you. Please call 01732 355231 and speak to Ian Thalmessinger or Debbie Kettle. 

    Please note, we receive no commission, fee or financial benefit of any kind for the introduction of a financial adviser.

    Funding guide

    Attendance allowance

    Direct payments