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  • Motor neurone disease nursing care
  • Motor neurone disease (MND) nursing care

    Consultus Live-in Nurses are used to meeting the challenges and complexities of this debilitating and progressive condition

    Given the range of symptoms and outcomes associated with motor neurone disease (MND), treatment can often mean a package of therapies highly customised for each individual MND patient. Having a specialist nurse at home 24 hours a day offers inestimable relief and reassurance to sufferers and their families.

  • Our Live-in Nurses work with a patient’s GP and other relevant healthcare professionals, to help coordinate the best and most appropriate level of care. 

    They typically assist with:

    • pain relief
    • control of symptoms
    • medication, including injections and syringe drivers
    • nutrition and PEG feeds
    • tracheostomies and suctioning
    • BIPAP ventilation
    • encouragement with independence, wherever possible
    • support to family members.

    Find out more about the qualities and qualifications of Consultus Live-in Nurses here or speak to one of our Nursing Consultants to ask about anything from available funding to how quickly we can provide you with one-to-one nursing care.

    Call 01732 770403 or email nursingenquiries@consultuscare.com.

  • Our two Nurses were Ann Wells and Dorothea Hohnstedt. Ann arrived when we were at breaking point desperately needing help. The difference she made from her immediate arrival was quite simply life changing mostly for my father. Dorothea followed Ann’s 2 weeks which we were trepidacious about as the 2 weeks previously had been so much calmer for us all as Ann fitted in so well. We needn't have worried as Dorothea was wonderful too.

    Both nurses would come very highly recommended by us all.