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    With dementia, the familiarity and normality of home matters more than ever.

    Major changes of scenery for people with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia can prove extremely confusing and upsetting. We understand that it’s important that routine and familiar surroundings are maintained and that change is kept to a minimum; a Consultus Live-in Nurse helps to achieve this balance.

    We also encourage choice and independence wherever possible and appropriate providing a stable, dependable and confidence-inspiring home environment. We help people who would otherwise be placed in residential nursing care homes to stay in the place they feel safest. We even have nurses with an additional qualification in mental health nursing for acute cases.

    Your dedicated home nurse will provide:

    • all aspects of personal care
    • administration of medication
    • reassurance – to the family as well as the person with dementia
    • nutritious meals and the encouragement to eat and drink that’s sometimes needed
    • liaison with other healthcare professionals
    • companionship and participation in any hobbies and interests.

    Each client has a risk assessment and bespoke nursing care plan, updated as needs change. Consultus Nurses ensure that there is as little disruption to the client’s sense of place and wellbeing as possible.

    Respite care for family carers

    It isn’t easy looking after someone with dementia, and your own health can suffer too. We offer respite care for you to have that much needed break.

    Find out how Consultus Nurses can ease the burden and create a safe, long-term solution to dementia care. Call our team on 01732 770403 or email nursingenquiries@consultuscare.com.

  • MR has brought calm and efficiency into the household and is a definite asset. Thank you very much. His nursing is kind and experienced and much appreciated. 9/8/2017