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  • Coronary heart disease nursing care (CVD)
  • Coronary heart disease (cardiovascular disease) nursing care

    One-to-one, 24-hour home nursing for the care and rehabilitation of patients with a heart condition. We bring positivity, stimulus and good company when it's needed.

    Our private home nursing service offers complete professional medical and personal support for patients who are living with or recovering from:

    • heart attack (myocardial infarction)
    • congestive heart failure
    • coronary heart disease and stroke
    • high blood pressure (hypertension)
    • pulmonary heart disease
    • various cardiovascular and thoracic surgeries.

    Our experienced, specialist nurses help patients with acute and chronic heart conditions to maximise their chances of returning to health faster with:

    • 24/7 assessment and evaluation
    • professional, emotional and nutritional support
    • controlling cholesterol levels
    • oxygen therapy
    • encouraging mobility and independence or aiding passive exercises as appropriate
    • post-operative infection control and safety management
    • facilitating a multidisciplinary approach tailored to the patient’s particular needs
    • tackling the factors that increase the risk of heart disease, such as smoking, poor diet and little physical exercise, if appropriate.

    Our Nurse Consultants can answer any questions you may have about the benefits of continuous nursing care, so please feel free to call or email with your queries: phone 01732 770403 or send your questions to nursingenquiries@consultuscare.com.

  • MR has brought calm and efficiency into the household and is a definite asset. Thank you very much. His nursing is kind and experienced and much appreciated. 9/8/2017