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  • Live-in Nursing cancer care
  • Live-in Nursing for cancer patients

    Treatment and one-to-one nursing care in the privacy and comfort of home - a real alternative to hospital or hospice care

    Our Live-in Nurses are there for you; dedicated to making you feel comfortable and secure in your own home. Extended hospital stays mean separation from family, friends, familiar surroundings and routines. Our clients tell us they want their life to be as normal as possible, on their terms. Consultus Live-in Nursing brings welcome normality to families.

    Consultus Nurses provide:

    • symptom control
    • pain relief
    • counselling and emotional support to patients and their families
    • medication, including injections and syringe drivers
    • care coordination with the patient’s GP, district nurse and other healthcare professionals
    • cooking and nutrition.

    If you and your family prefer the idea of medical care at home, our Nursing Consultants would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Call today on 01732 770403 or email nursingenquiries@consultuscare.com.

  • MR has brought calm and efficiency into the household and is a definite asset. Thank you very much. His nursing is kind and experienced and much appreciated. 9/8/2017