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  • Nursing care for brain or spinal injuries
  • Nursing care for brain or spinal injuries

    We provide specialist nursing for people who suffer physical, cognitive and emotional changes as a result of acquired brain and spinal cord injury.

    Our Live-in Nurses work closely with other healthcare providers, such as physiotherapists, speech therapists, community nurses, GPs and consultants, to create the optimum care package for each client, no matter what challenges they face. They use their considerable experience to help clients to lead as full a life as possible.

    Consultus Live-in Nurses provide:

    • 24/7 one-to-one nursing care, reassurance and support
    • pain relief and control
    • BIPAP ventilation support
    • administration of all types of medication
    • promotion of independence
    • expertise in moving and manual handling
    • early detection and prompt treatment of infection
    • monitoring and regulation of bowel movement
    • assistance with supra-pubic and urinary catheters
    • range-of-motion exercises
    • flexibility and choice
    • a central point of contact for coordinating other healthcare services
    • cooking, nutrition and PEG feeds
    • advice and encouragement exactly when it’s needed
    • nursing care that is tailored to the individual, meeting their physical, emotional and social needs.

    Find out more about Live-in Nurses from Consultus; speak with our Nurse Consultants to book a needs assessment today on 01732 770403 or email nursingenquiries@consultuscare.com.

  • Thank you for providing nurses for my father and enabling him to remain at home. Right from the initial call to you, when we felt nursing was going to be temporary, right through to the stage where we knew he was nearing the end of his days, the nurses you provided were first class. They enabled him to maintain as much of his independence and dignity as he could manage, while keeping him safe. 9/8/2017