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Consultus offers choice; not only do we have our successful introductory live-in care model, we have also launched Care at Home Plus (for clients in the South East).

Care at Home Plus complements our existing services and is an option for those whose care is funded by:

  • direct payments
  • insurance annuities
  • third party e.g. NHS Continuing Care
  • or those families who prefer to choose a CQC regulated option.

Care at Home
Care at Home is our long established and best-known option, offering the most cost-effective live-in care. Care Consultants introduce self-employed carers to our clients and continually liaise closely with the client or client representative to ensure expectations are met.

We select, reference, DBS check and train carers, who then work closely with clients and their representatives, receiving guidance directly from them. This service allows the family to remain autonomous at all times, providing practical and economical live-in care support.

Carers receive payment directly from the client. As the carers are self-employed they are responsible for paying their own tax and National Insurance contributions under self-assessment. Our weekly agency fee is invoiced directly to the client. This model is not regulated by the CQC, as the commission works only with employed models of care.

Care at Home Plus (for clients in the South East)
Care at Home Plus is our CQC regulated, fully-managed model, established as an alternative to the introductory option.

All the advantages of the introductory model are very much present, together with the additional support of a Consultus Care Consultant, who manages all elements of the live-in home care service, thus relieving the family or client representative from such responsibilities.

This model is particularly suitable for those with third party funding and for representatives who live some distance from the client.

Following a home visit, by a Care Consultant, to undertake care needs and risk assessments, a care plan will be developed and a suitably experienced carer will be selected.

The Care Consultant will regularly oversee the carers’ work and we will continuously monitor and review a client’s needs, working closely with families, GPs, district nurses and other healthcare professionals, as required.

We select, reference, DBS check and train carers. Carers receive payment directly from Consultus, who is responsible for deducting tax and National Insurance contributions.

Please call us on 01732 355 231 for more information and ask for 'Care at Home Plus'.