Managed Care Costs

The benefits of live-in care is priceless.

Our Managed Care Department complements our existing services and is an option for those whose care is funded by:

  • direct payments
  • insurance annuities
  • third party e.g. NHS Continuing Care
  • or those families who prefer to choose a CQC regulated option.

With our Managed Care service you can be assured that your family member or friend is getting the best managed care possible. It’s the ultimate peace of mind for a client to know that Consultus is on hand 24/7.

The process begins with a conversation with one of our Care Consultants and from here we implement the following:

  • we book a mutual time for a home assessment visit
  • we visit the client and discuss in detail the care needs, while also undertaking a risk assessment
  • the personalised plan of care will be written
  • we check on each booking with both client and carer and a home visit after two weeks
  • ongoing carers will be booked in advance to give continuous cover
  • we will maintain regular contact with both client and carer
  • we will always welcome your feedback.

You can appreciate the many benefits of live-in care are… simply priceless.

Managed Care costs:

For a single client – from £195 per 24 hours, to include up to two night calls and travel expenses

For a couple – from £210 per 24 hours, to include up to two night calls and travel expenses

Home Assessment fee – Payable for your first home assessment visit only – £200

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