Live-in Care FAQs

Simply call us on 01732 355 231 and speak with our New Client Consultants

Firstly, we listen – to your concerns, needs and preferences. Then we’ll talk through your options and answer any questions. We will review our available carers, matching their experience, expertise and personal likes and dislikes against your own, to ensure the best fit for your home and requirements.
We will send you a confirmation letter and you can speak with the carer we assign over the phone. We check with both carer and client that all is well and ask you for your feedback.

Live-in carers typically work seven days a week for a period of two-weeks at a time. Whilst there are no specified hours of work, in each 24 hour period a carer would need 8 hours for sleep. We also ask, where possible, that the carer is given up to two hours off each day, preferably as a single break. Each booking is unique and your carer will work with you where possible to accommodate your needs.

Carers provide different levels of support, depending on the client's needs, priorities and preferences. Duties typically include:

  • personal care - dressing, washing, showering, bathing, oral care, hair care, shaving, continence care and toileting
  • assisting with mobility, transferring from bed to chair, for instance
  • general housework, shopping, cooking, laundry and cleaning
  • companionship, emotional support, help with social activities and outings
  • help with looking after family pets.

Yes, bookings can be occasional, infrequent and short-term. For a minimum of 3 days. Please discuss your requirements with our New Client Care Consultants

Unfortunately not; we specialise in 24/7 live-in care and nursing.  If you decide you do not need a live-in carer, we recommend that any visiting healthcare assistant bookings are made through a fellow member of the United Kingdom Home Care Association. Please call UKHCA on 020 8661 8188.

The main role of a carer is client care and wellbeing, but they are also there to help with the smooth running of the home, so light housekeeping, laundry, cooking, driving and shopping duties are included in the domestic duties; each can be included where personal care needs allow.

For more advanced medical conditions, managing invasive procedures such as injections, looking after wounds and liaising with local healthcare professionals, you may wish to consider booking a Consultus live-in nurse.

Our new Client Care Consultants will be able to discuss the client’s medical situation with you and offer advice.

Our clients tell us that while it sometimes feels a little odd initially to have a new person staying in their home, that feeling quickly fades away – and is infinitely preferable to moving to the institutional environment of a care home, which can be impersonal and unfamiliar.

Our carers are reliable, discreet, friendly and committed to the physical and emotional wellbeing of their clients. They operate in a professional, polite, dependable and confidential manner, and always respect the homes and privacy of clients.

We completely understand that unforeseen circumstances can mean the need to postpone a confirmed booking, or even arrange a break in the service. Please call our Care Consultants on 01732 355231 as soon as any unavoidable changes in circumstance arise.

Yes we do, depending on the service you choose. Our Introductory service is nationwide.  Our Managed Service is available in London, South East, Hampshire & surrounding areas. Just get in touch with our New Client Care Consultants and they will identify the best service  matched to your particular needs.

It’s not possible to meet the carer we assign face to face before your booking starts. Once we have confirmed the booking there will be an opportunity to speak to your carer when arrival and changeover arrangements will also be discussed.

Most of our carers come through personal recommendation, our Recruitment Department at head office and via our Overseas Agents in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Australia and Spain.

All carers have a face to face interview, at which we check all documentation, take professional references and process a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Enhanced Disclosure and DBS Adult First. All professional references are followed up with police checks from country of origin.

Many of our carers are experienced in helping people with all types of dementia and its associated challenges, such as memory loss, confusion or problems with speech and understanding. We give our carers a wider understanding with in-house dementia training courses.

The need for routine and familiarity for people with dementia is well established. Our carers help clients retain their sense of identity, self-worth and security by caring for them in the most comfortable environment possible - their own home. They enable better communication, engage in activities and provide a stable, stress-free consistency of care that forms a regular routine.

Yes, many of our clients have favourite regular carers, and we try to arrange a rota of carers wherever possible.

The cost for a live-in carer for a single client is typically less than residential nursing home fees. Where a couple wish to remain at home together, it is possible they could both be cared for by a single Consultus live-in carer and pay considerably less than combined residential fees.

We are more than happy to give you a no-obligation quotation over the telephone. Please contact our New Client Care Consultants on 01732 355231.

You’ll find lots of information, including a free guide to financing private care, on our dedicated Home Care Costs page.

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