Live-in Care Costs

The benefits of live-in care is priceless

Did you know that 24hr in-home care is less expensive than a care home?

At Consultus, we believe that live-in care is not just the more affordable option, but also the happier alternative to a care home.

Nobody wants to be displaced into the unfamiliar and potentially stressful environment of a care home. We take pride in enabling clients to remain in their own homes and enjoy the familiar surroundings and independence that comes with this. It can be a huge confidence boost to know that you are able to be professionally cared for at home, whether it’s to facilitate recovery after a period in hospital, or part of your ongoing care plan. During these periods, when it’s easy to feel vulnerable and uncertain about your future progress, a private live-in carer will create a stable, supportive environment, speeding up recovery rates and improving outcomes. This is why we firmly believe that the benefits of private live-in care far excel those of a care home; both in terms of the experience and value for money.

A live-in carer is the right option for anyone who wants to remain in the comfort of their own home, and values the ease and confidence that this brings them.

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It means clients can:

  • enjoy the privacy of their own home, cared for by a dedicated live-in carer – a huge contrast to the more impersonal and communal care home environment. This enables clients to retain their dignity and a sense of control over their care and their future
  • be surrounded by their own photos and the memories that come from being in one’s own home. This can be a huge support for anyone in a vulnerable state of ill-health, but particularly for our more elderly clients suffering from disorientating conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia
  • keep familiar routines and interests, helping to positively motivate and engage clients through their daily activities. This can often provide an important coping mechanism, helping clients to better manage their health conditions
  • have family and friends visit when they wish, providing a level of flexibility and independence for clients that would not be achievable in a care home. It can be a huge support to be able to draw on your local network of friends and remaining at home with a live-in carer makes this possible
  • keep their pets and enjoy their garden, providing companionship and familiarity. For many, leaving their beloved pets behind when they go into a care home can be a real sadness, but by remaining at home, clients can continue to enjoy the comfort and love that they provide.

And clients receive ‘one-to-one’ dedicated ‘in home’ care, 24 hours a day including:

  • 24/7 care, ensuring clients have the support they need throughout the day and night, and providing peace of mind to families
  • personal care, covering all aspects of the daily routine and delivered on a private basis by a professional carer
  • prompt supervision of medication – support with this critical requirement can be invaluable and provide reassurance to clients and their close family alike, confident in the knowledge that courses of medication are being followed
  • help with transportation, providing flexibility and enabling clients to easily attend appointments
  • comfort and companionship – clients and their families build strong relationships with their carer and draw great support from this
  • help with household chores and cooking meals, providing support with these essential tasks.

When you consider that a 24hr live-in carer is less expensive than a care home, you can appreciate that the many benefits of live-in care are simply priceless.

Consultus Live-in care costs:

For a single client:
24-hour live-in care for a single client who needs personal care starts at £87
An affordable alternative to moving into a care home

For couples:
24-hour live-in care starts at £102
Considerably less than the cost of two residential care home fees

Agency fee per carer:
Per week  – £182 inclusive of VAT

On engagement of the Agency the Registration Fee of £200.00 including VAT becomes due for payment.

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