Distance Learning Courses

Build your skills wherever you are, whenever you want. Distance learning knows no boundaries.

The flexible and affordable way to gain new skills and qualifications.

Here are a few of the benefits:

  • low cost - we subsidise the courses, so you only pay £8-£10 per course
  • 20 invaluable courses to improve your knowledge
  • paper-based courses - no need for a computer
  • all courses accredited by Pearson
  • easy Access - courses can be completed wherever you are working in the UK
  • distance learning is a vital resource and the perfect way to broaden your horizons and extend your skills into new areas.

How does it work?
You decide what course you want, contact the Consultus Care Training Centre and, after payment is made, we post the course to your preferred UK address. On completion, you post the completed answers to the Care Training Centre for marking and certification.  
The main advantage of continuous training is that it adds to your confidence, and can also lead to more variety and opportunities in your care assignments.
The following are distance learning courses that carers have benefited from;

The first two courses are completely free to all Consultus Carers
Infection control                Adult safeguarding
These two courses are £8 each
Dementia                             First Aid
These courses are £10 each
Diabetes                               Fire safety
Food hygiene                       Promoting continence
End of life care                    Pressure area care
Health and safety               Understanding stroke
Nutrition                               Equality and diversity
Supporting rest & sleep     Falls prevention
Parkinson’s disease           Record keeping
These courses are £10 each or £27 for all three parts
Safe handling of medicine, Part 1: Legislation
Safe handling of medicine, Part 2: Control and administration
Safe handling of medicine, Part 3: Action, interaction, reaction
Our Training team are always happy to recommend training opportunities for anyone who wants to take their career further, so please call and discover what is possible.

To apply for a course contact the Training team on 01732 355231
“I have completed three courses this way I could not have done so otherwise” - DL