Moving And Handling Training Courses

Teaching Carers and Care Providers how to move and handle people safely.

If you are a Carer or Care Provider that works in a Health and Social Care setting then it is likely that you often spend your time moving and handling your clients / patients. Whether you are making use of specialist equipment like a hoist or simply helping a person get into and out of a wheelchair, it is essential that you are fully trained to carry out manual handling tasks correctly and safely. 

At Consultus, we provide a hands-on, one-day course where you will be able to experience all of the elements of moving and positioning with our fully qualified and skilled trainers.

Manual Handling Training

Our comprehensive one-day training course has been designed by our award-winning Training Centre to teach you the essential techniques required for the moving and handling of people in your caring role or to help you support a family member with mobility issues. 

The training course covers an introduction to safe manual handling practices to allow you to carry out an individual manual handling risk assessment, use specialist equipment safely, reduce the likelihood of developing musculoskeletal disorders and always keep your service users’ comfort, health and safety at the forefront.

It is essential that you understand safe moving practices so you don’t hurt yourself or the person you look after. The most common injuries carers receive in the workplace are back injuries. Injuring your back will limit your movement and your ability to care for someone and it could take a long time for you to recover.

Course Content

During our moving and handling training course, you will take part in an initial session on moving and positioning theory. This session is then followed by a number of demonstrations, instruction and practice sessions on a range of specialist equipment and safer moving and handling techniques, including:

  • Assisted standing and sitting

  • Chair transfers

  • Bed moves

  • Hoisting – using both a mobile and a ceiling hoist

  • Assisting a fallen client

  • Supporting wheelchair users

Aims Of The Course:

On successful completion of the course you will:

  • Know the different types of injuries that can occur from poor moving and handling practices

  • Understand the law around moving and handling people and the equipment used

  • Understand how to carry out a personalised risk assessment for your client

  • Know how to use different types of specialist equipment for moving and handling safely

  • Have knowledge of good manual handling techniques

Refresher Course

If you have previously attended a moving and handling training course and are looking to refresh your knowledge and skills then you can attend our one-day Carer Update Course. During the Carer Update Course, you will take part in a four-hour moving and handling refresher session in the morning and then attend sessions on basic life support, safeguarding adults, infection control and equality & diversity in the afternoon. 

We recommend that all Carers and Healthcare Workers attend an annual moving and handling training course to ensure that their skills are up-to-date to reduce the risk of injury for both themselves and their clients.

Join One Of Our Training Courses

For more information on any of our in-house or online training courses or to join our moving and handling training course, please contact the Training Centre either by phone on 01732 355231 or by email at

Moving & Handling Courses FAQ

If you are working as a self-employed Carer then it is up to you to ensure you have all the relevant training to meet the needs of your client. It is considered best practice to keep your skills and knowledge up to date with refresher training courses. We recommend that Care Providers who are introduced by Consultus attend an annual Carer Update course and attend a first aid course at least once every three years. 

No, Consultus heavily subsidises the cost of any training we provide because we recognise the benefits our courses offer to Carers, clients and our own reputation.

Our new Consultus Carer Houses provides carers training with Consultus with convenient, comfortable and affordable accommodation within easy walking distance of our Training Centre in Tonbridge. 

We welcome everyone to attend our in-house training, complete our e-learning courses and, as appropriate, undertake the level 2 and 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care. All of our training courses are delivered by qualified and experienced healthcare professionals with specific training in the courses offered. 

If you are interested in attending any of our training courses or would like further information, please contact the Training Centre on +44 (0)1732 355231 or email  

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