Five day induction course

This comprehensive course provides new carers with the skills required to ensure they are well prepared for their role as a self-employed carer and equipped to meet the wide-ranging needs of clients.

On successful completion of this five day induction training, carers are awarded the Consultus Certificate, which is mapped to the National Occupational Standards.  

The format of the five-day induction will be:

Day 1: Induction
•    A welcome and induction session with a member of the Recruitment Team
•    Timed interview and DBS check (lasting approximately 1 hour)
•    The opportunity to prepare for your role as a self-employed carer.

Day 2:
Day 2 focuses on moving and positioning.  An initial session on moving and positioning theory will be followed by demonstration and practice of safer moving and handling techniques, and safe use of a range of moving and positioning equipment, including a hoist.

Day 3:
During three includes sessions on training and personal development, your caring role, duty of care and safeguarding.  The afternoon session will focus on food hygiene, the importance of nutrition and hydration, communication and will include an introduction to dementia.

Day 4:
Day four includes sessions on person centred care and the care values, assisting with personal hygiene tasks, infection prevention and control, pressure area care and helping clients to dress/undress. Information and advice is given to help the carer provide support with toileting and how to deal with incontinence, catheters and colostomy or ileostomy.

Day 5:
We start day five with a session on basic life support including; primary survey, CPR, recovery position and choking.  This is followed by sessions on health and safety, medication, recording and reporting.  The day will end with a session on relevant legislation, standards, agreed ways of working and a final round up of the week.

“This has been an amazing learning experience for me. I feel so much more confident going out to support my client, thank you.” – FS

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