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  • What makes a good carer
  • What makes a good carer?

    No matter how much experience they have, really good carers share certain characteristics. Kindness, empathy and respect are essential.

    We also expect to see the following traits in our carers:
    • dedication
    • reliability
    • compassion
    • common sense
    • integrity
    • fitness and energy
    • a good-humoured nature
    • adaptability
    • sociability
    • a commitment to providing the highest standards of care.

    There are no formal age restrictions to becoming a carer, but most clients get on best with people who have some life experience behind them. A mature, responsible attitude is obviously vital. You should also be physically fit and healthy, because you’ll be helping clients with their mobility and balance, and are likely to be working long hours for two weeks at a time.

    You’re as much an individual as our clients – and we treat you with just as much respect. Your skills, needs and preferences are always taken into account before we assign you to a client.