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    Take your first steps towards becoming a Consultus Live-in Carer in the UK. We’re here to help and guide you through the process.

    As one of the country's oldest and most respected personal care agencies, we offer a consistent supply of 2-week assignments for compassionate Live-in Carers throughout Great Britain.

    In any one week, we have over 500 Consultus carers looking after elderly and vulnerable people all over the country. Working as a Live-in Carer is an excellent way to earn income when visiting friends or family or holidaying in the UK. All of our carers are self-employed, which means you can choose your availability and the locations in which you’re happy to work.

    We offer accredited training, good rates of pay and the reassuring support of our team of Care Consultants. In return, we look for caring, reliable and sociable people with professional care experience or some history providing care for a family member.

  • If you are in Spain, Africa or Australia and New Zealand, we have an overseas agent in your country to help you with your application. If your country of origin is not listed on this page click here to apply in the UK. 19/10/2015
  • Before you apply, please note that we can only accept applications from people who already have the right to work in the UK. It’s also essential that your English is good and your diction clear; many of our clients are hard of hearing and have complicated needs, so communication must be as easy and natural for them as possible.

    First of all, you’ll need to have a chat with our friendly Carer Recruitment Consultants in your country of origin.

    • Sandra Field
      Sandra Field Spanish Agent
      Sandra Field Spanish Agent


      M +34 658 965 204

      T +34 966 461 849

      E s.field@consultuscare.com

      Sandra Field
    • Lynda Gaspar
      Lynda Gaspar South Africa Cape Town
      Lynda Gaspar South Africa Cape Town

      South Africa

      Western, Eastern, Northern Cape and Orange Free State

      T 0027 (0) 76 93 465 97


      Lynda Gaspar
    • Maureen Hopkins
      Maureen Hopkins South Africa Johannesburg
      Maureen Hopkins South Africa Johannesburg

      South Africa

      Pretoria, Johannesburg
      and Kwazulu Natal

      T 0027 (0) 12 664 3969

      M 0027 82 5771619

      E m.hopkins@consultuscare.com

      Maureen Hopkins
    • Patricia Gush
      Patricia Gush Zimbabwe Agent
      Patricia Gush Zimbabwe Agent

      Harare, Zimbabwe

      M 00 27609445685

      T 00 27217950748

      E p.gush@consultuscare.com

      Patricia Gush
    • Glenys Beaumont
      Glenys Beaumont Australia and New Zealand
      Glenys Beaumont Australia and New Zealand

      Australia & New Zealand

      T +61 247 392865

      M +61 402 306694


      Glenys Beaumont
    • Caroleena Elphinstone
      Caroleena Elphinstone New Zealand
      Caroleena Elphinstone New Zealand

      Napier, Wellington & Aukland

      M +44 (0) 7761 584832

      T +64 (0) 22 188 7436

      E c.elphinstone@consultuscare.com

      Caroleena Elphinstone
    • Veryan Sharp
      Veryan Sharp France Agent
      Veryan Sharp France Agent

      Veryan Sharp FIRP

      Area 19120
      South Corr├Ęze/Dordogne

      Consultus Care & Nursing Ltd
      m +44 07458016248
      e v.sharp@consultuscare.com

      Veryan Sharp