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  • Overcoming challenges in elderly care provision
  • Overcoming the challenges in elderly care provision

    The UK is facing a ‘care choice gap' in the way we care for the older generation.

    The Care Choice Gap is a report commissioned by Consultus. It features research and findings regarding the state of care of the elderly and vulnerable. In conclusion, it calls on individuals, commissioners and the government to avoid a care crisis by taking greater responsibility for elderly care funding.

  • This report outlines the various choices that face us as we grow older, and suggests that we need to plan for them far earlier. We may already know about sheltered housing and assisted living, and residential care. But one choice that is seldom discussed or offered, but is described in this report, is the contribution of a Live-in Carer, who can keep us independent, and ward off loneliness 30/9/2015
  • It recommends:


    People should know more about the choices available, including the option of 24/7 Live-in Care in their own homes on a one-to-one basis.


    Individuals and families need to take responsibility for their own long-term care, as the state's limited resources are already stretched. The earlier people explore the financial options available, the more likely they are to achieve their ideal care choice.


    NHS commissioners need to think about the individuals they are providing care for and how best to meet their needs and wishes.

    The Care Choice Gap is free to download, as is our Care Choice MapThe Care Choice Map is a visual guide which illustrates the triggers and situations where a person might need care and highlights the options available to you.

    The Care Choice Gap Report

    The Care Choice Map

  • The Care Choice Gap Report

    Are we careless about our old age?

    How can we overcome the challenges in elderly care provision?

    View the report here