Living abroad and working in the UK as a Live-in Carer

Consultus Care & Nursing welcome carers from overseas who wish to enjoy a flexible approach to working in the UK. Carers come from France, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Australia and New Zealand.

In any one week, we have more than 600 Consultus carers looking after elderly and vulnerable people in their own homes throughout the UK. Working as a live-in carer is an excellent way to earn an income when visiting friends or family in the UK.

As a Consultus carer you will support your client with washing, dressing and various other aspects of personal care. You will meet clients with varying degrees of dependency and medical diagnosis, as well as assisting with cooking, shopping, housekeeping and ensuring your client feels safe, secure and comfortable in their own home.

Consultus offer excellent rates of pay from £1,134 to £1,344 for a two-week assignment, rising to £1,344 to £1,876 for couples and more complex bookings. Carers will receive accommodation and board while working, as well as travelling costs, as agreed with the client.

What sets Consultus apart from other agencies is our family-led culture and 50 years of industry experience. Our award-winning Training Centre has been recognised as a ‘Skills for Care Centre of Excellence’, which means you will receive the best training within the industry.

Our Overseas Recruitment Consultants have a wealth of knowledge in preparing you for a career as a live-in carer, and will support you throughout the application process. When you arrive to the UK, you will continue to receive our support from staying at our bespoke Carer Houses, from the UK Recruitment and DBS team, and our experienced Care Consultants, who all understand the journey you have taken before your arrival to the UK.

We recognise that carers may have arrived in the UK without a police check from their country of origin however ideally we do request that our carers do bring an original police check from outside of the UK if applicable. If you do not have one and are from South Africa and recently based in the UK please see the following link to support you with obtaining one. Should you not have a police check from overseas but would still like to join us please contact our recruitment department.

Click here for more information on Police Clearance - South Africa

Please select the Overseas Recruitment Consultant covering the location you are applying from, where you will find their contact details. Our Consultants will be happy to help you with your application to become a live-in carer in the UK.

Unsure if you are eligible to work for us?  Please note - Only those with a British/EU Passport or a British Ancestry Visa may apply to become a carer. Consultus is unable to sponsor applicants or assist those needing to obtain a work visa.