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We know live in carers are special, your role is varied and incredibly versatile. Carers have a wish to improve the lives of others and they do this by making their clients the priority. Consultus has been providing remarkable live in carers to look after our clients in their own homes for over 50 years. We respect, admire and appreciate how hard carers work. This is why we are the best agency for you.

Live-in carer role

As a live in carer you will support your client with washing, dressing and various aspects of personal care. You will meet people who have long-term illnesses or disabilities which mean you will be supporting them with basic everyday tasks. For people with memory loss or issues with mobility, simple jobs like laundry or cooking can become increasingly difficult so you will take on these household chores to ensure your client feels safe, secure and confident in their cherished home.

 What you will receive – Benefits – The Rewards

  • Excellent daily rates of pay from £86 to £96 when caring for a single client
  • Caring for couples’ daily rate of pay from £101 to £139
  • A selection of additional accreditations, training and opportunities
  • All-inclusive accommodation while on assignment
  • Expenses including travelling costs as agreed with clients
  • Carer achievement awards
  • Refer a friend scheme

Where are we going

There are exciting times ahead with increased recruitment in our office in Tonbridge and London, client expansion across the UK and the development of our award-winning Consultus Care Training Centre. Our mission is to raise the profile of live in carers, ensure they are recognised for the truly wonderful work they do and in turn become empowered professionals.

Consultus aims to build a relationship with you as an individual. We get to know you as a person and what motivates you day to day. Of course we assess your technical skills, however also utilise our knowledge of your personality, interests and soft skills to ensure all of your assignments are an all round match.

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