Ask A Carer- our new Peer-to-peer facility

Whether you have questions about travel, hours of work, pay rates, or our Award-winning in-house training centre, our Consultus Carers are on-hand to answer all your questions.

  Consultus Care & Nursing has amongst the best and most well-trained carers and nurses in the sector who literally change people’s lives. I know this personally as I oversaw the care of my own mother for nine years. Whether you choose to be self-employed under our Introduction Service with family oversight or employed under our Fully-Managed Service, our carers do an extraordinary job which results in over 125 written and spoken compliments about our carers and their service every single day.

We’re now looking for more amazing people like you who change our clients’ lives, and whilst you can safely take our word for all this, you don’t have to – you can ask our existing carers directly via our Ask a Carer facility on our website and on our carer community site – Consultus Live.   

Introducing Consultus’ innovative solution to bring conversation and community together for our carers, and provide an experience-based platform for prospective carers to ask questions, learn and create friendships.
Peter Seldon, CEO Consultus Care & Nursing

What our Consultus Carers say?

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